Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Part Ten of our 35 Day Journey

Last time I posted an entry of our 35 day road trip; (http://journals.aol.com/lsfp1960/LindasWorld/entries/2007/05/16/part-nineour-arizona-home-for-two-days--a-surprise-birthday-party/1644)  we were spending the night in a gravel parking lot behind a gas station in Quartszite, AZ  because we couldn't find anyone awake at any of the RV parks.   We woke up the next morning (Monday April 23rd) and after having our coffee and eating some breakfast in the camper, we set out to investigate Quartszite.  There wasn't much to see because there were not very many people left in town.  The "snow birds" had left for the most part. The population of this little town really swells during the winter months.  Most of the shops (even the Thrift Shop) were closed.   We did find a few open air stands open and they had some great "close-out" prices but we didn't really find anything we wanted.    

We reached the California border about 12:15pm.  We were both anxious to get to Pasadena, to Bob's daughter & son-in-law's house.  Anxious to see them and anxious to see the two teenage grandkids

Thirty miles east of Indio, CA we stopped at the General George Patton Memorial Museum.  We didn't go into the museum but we walked around and looked at the outdoor displays.   We were just anxious to keep going at this point.  But it was good to get out & stretch our legs.

Later in the afternoon, in the Palm Springs, CA area we passed hundreds of acres of windmills.  It was fascinating to watch them as we passed by.  And I was amazed to see huge ones, next to little ones.   They were all sizes.

Finally at about 6pm, we pulled up to the gate of Bob's daughter Hope and son-in-law Jerry's house.  Bob called the house on his cell phone and the gate was opened and we were warmly greeted by his 16 yr old grandson and 13 yr old grand daughter.  Hope was out running some errands and arrived shortly after we got there.  Jerry was working late and we didn't get to see him until the next day.  It was good to be "home."  That family makes you feel so welcome, you really do feel like you're home.    We decided keep sleeping in the camper rather than haul all our stuff into the house.  We were just right outside their kitchen door and locked safely inside the yard.

In this entry I've included some pictures of the beautiful flowers blooming in the beautiful city of Pasadena, one of the oldest In-N-Out burger stands and the Avon Pasadena Branch building where, for over 30 years I've sent an order every two weeks.  A couple years ago, I even emailed my order from Hope & Jerry's house just a couple miles from the Avon building.    

In the next entry, I'll tell you about some of our adventures around the area.


Until next time........Linda



mariealicejoan said...

Well, this certainly was the trip of a life time.  I have enjoyed every minute of it and all the pictures.  Thanks so much for taking us all along with you!

pippa1116 said...

have a great week!

kaydeejay5449 said...

I spent quite some time going back thru your last entries trying to catch up on all I missed while I was gone.  Your trip was amazing!  You and Bob really accomplished a lot.  I am impressed.  Great pictures!
Hugs,  Kathy

jlocorriere05 said...

I love the pics of your trip Linda, the flowers were out so early too, must've come out specially to greet you! Bob's family sound such nice people, glad you got to catch up with the grandchildren too! I'm looking forward to your next post! Jeannette xx  http://journals.aol.co.uk/jlocorriere05/Welcometomytravels/  

pharmolo said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the windturbines, Linda. Ghastly.

jeadie05 said...

This was lovely once again Linda Iam enjoying this trip ,with you and Bob ,if and when the add pictures come back I plan to come back again to browse awhile ...love Jan xx

fasttrack58 said...

We have those windmills between Fresno and San Jose on the Pass... and hubby would like to visit that Patton museum...
Linda :)

gehi6 said...

I have made the trek many times from Los Angeles to Los Vegas and sometimes across the southern route to Phoenix.  But it would take 15 hours to get back to our home town in Utah from Los Angeles whereas Phoenix is only 8 hours to our hometown, hence one of the reasons to settle on Phoenix.  Sounds like you really made the grand tour and saw a lot of the fabled sights in Los Angeles.  Gerry