Monday, May 7, 2007

Postage Rates Going Up

I had heard it was coming but today I was in the Post Office and saw the official sign.  First Class postage rates will be 41 cents as of 12:01am Monday May 14. 2007.  I'm sure other classes of mail will go up also, they don't usually just raise First Class and leave the others alone. 

I looked it up and the last postage rate hike we had was January 8, 2006.  That's when First Class went up from 37 cents to 39 cents.  So we haven't even gone 18 months without an increase, this time.

Several years ago I saw a world wide postage chart and at that time the U.S. still had the lowest rates and probably the best service.  I have friends in northern Alberta Canada and their mail service has always been horrible and their rates have always been high.

Anyway, use up those 39's or plan on buying a bunch of 2 cents stamps.  Bob bought stamps the other day and they sold him a book of  39 cent Christmas stamps...I guess they were trying to get rid of them.  I thought that was pretty funny.  

P.S.  it's quite warm here in the Pacific Northwest today.  Up over 70 degrees....that's a good thing.  I have the windows open and the fans going.



jonibooks1991 said...

Hey Linda, have you heard about the forever stamps?  Joni

queenb8261 said...

Yeah, I heard they were going to make stamps with no value printed on it so they c an use them no matter how often they go up. I guess I can understand it.  If gas goes to 4dollars a gallon, the P.O. and other shippers are going to recoup the costs somehow. Sigh. At least they waited till after Mother's Day.
Have a good week enjoying that marvelous WA weather.
Hugs, Barb

mariealicejoan said...

It seems the cost of stamps is always going up.  One does wonder though how the Post Offices manage to make much money these days with e-mail and such...and then I see the junk mail that comes through my letter box and I stop wondering...

ally123130585918 said...

Linda on the stamps over here it just says "1st Class" or "2nd Class" so when they put the prices up they don't have to change the stamps ~
it is still quite cold and wet here this morning hoping it will brighten up during the day ~ hope you are having a good week ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

They put up the price of stamps ,but we are a captive market ,certain things have to be posted ,email must have affected them though Jan xx

nana0014 said...

I was wondering when this was gonna happen. I knew it was coming because they were talking about selling stamps with no postage marked on it so that they don't have to keep making stamps with different prices on them.
Take care, Chrissie