Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The End Of An Era

I was sad when I read a report in today's paper that Faith Dairy is closing. It's been in the same location for 40 years.  But the owners say due to the high cost of fuel and feed, they are closing their drive-up dairy service, selling their herd of 400 Holstein cows after this coming weekend. There are 30 acres at the sight of the drive-up dairy and 180 acres in the outlying area where they keep the cows. Faith Dairy has not only sold milk but they have their own brand of gourmet ice cream, chocolate milk, eggs, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese and of course various ice cream treats like Dove Bars, etc.  Their milk prices have always been slightly less than the prices in the big grocery stores and their drive-up service has been excellent.

Faith Dairy....I will miss you !   Driving down 72nd street will never be the same.

They have a "person of interest" in custody in regards to the little girl taken the evening of July 4th.  They have his gray van, they have him and there are search teams with dogs, searching an area north of Tacoma.  This man is a sex offender and they were able to arrest & hold him because he had failed to register with authorities when he moved to his latest address.  (That is a law here, that all comvicted sex offenders must register with the authorities each time they move.)

It's blistering hot here again today.  At just before noon the temperature on my porch is 86*. The weather guys are saying it could be up close to 100* by days end.  I have Gabi in one of my bathrooms....the coolest one.  She has her litter box, food and water in there and the summer fan in my furnace is blowing cool air from the floor register.  I just put the baby gate up so she's contained in a cool room.  Yesterday's heat really wiped us both out.  She spent most of the day sprawled out on the kitchen floor.  I did not go to Curves yesterday and I'm not sure I'm going to day.  I don't want to close up my house again this afternoon, to go out.  I was going to stop on the way home from Faith Dairy but I called and the staff member said their little tiny refrigerator is full and I didn't want to leave my milk, etc in the I came on home.

Well, I hope everyone has a good Wednesday (hump day), keep cool or stay dry...whatever your weather conditions might be.  Linda


jeadie05 said...

Its alaways sad ,when a place closes that has been there for a long time ,one that has served the public well ,its only when its gone that people will miss it Jan xx

pharmolo said...

That is quite a unique enterprise, Linda, it's a shame it's having to close.

jonibooks1991 said...

I used to go to Faith all the time when Floyd and I lived in Tacoma, that is sad
It's pretty warm here too, but not too uncomfortable yet, but it might be tonight.
Keep cool.  Joni

fasttrack58 said...

That's too bad about the dairy having to close and hope they find the little girl ok.....
Happy Hump Day!
Linda :)

luddie343 said...

Why is it more predators exist in the Northwest than anywhere in this country?  Many differing opinions but no hard facts.  Anyway, sorry to see Faith Dairy's forced to pack it up, not many like that anymore.  Stay well - CATHY

kaydeejay5449 said...

Isn't it sad when a long time landmark and community service goes out of business?  It is a sad sign of the times.   I hope the police find that young girl safe.  It doesn't look good but there is always hope.  We've heard some remarkable stores lately of kids being found after years of being missing.  

Hope you and Gabi can stay cool and comfy in the heat!

Hugs, Kathy

mariealicejoan said...

It's always sad when you see an institution such as your Faith Dairy closing down.  I think they call it progress... but I am never quite sure that it is!  Sad to read about the little girl.  I think people like that man should be locked up and never given the key, but that is my opinion only.  Other's might disagree with me, and often do!

nay0114 said...

I hate it when old businesses like that go out. We had a hambuger place downtown very small building big business close. The owners just decided they were to old to work like that anymore and he was starting to have medical problems so they retired. They have four kids and none of them wanted to take it over. I really miss that place it had the best fish sandwiches and homemade cole slaw around.
Take care, Chrissie

queenb8261 said...

I'd never seen a drive up dairy before. Drive up convenience stores, drive up liquor stores. It's always sad when an the end of an era occurs. So sad for y'all up there.
Hugs, Barb  

sunnyside46 said...

I always hate it when small businesses close.
I will not patronize WalMart or Starbucks
I also will get on a soap box raving about it and make my friends roll their eyes at me if given half a chance