Sunday, July 29, 2007

How Times Have Changed !!

I'm going thru a big storage bin of pictures, looking for a picture that my daughter has requested.  Talk about a trip down memory lane....Anyway among some of the things I found are some pictures and the notes that were kept on a trip that we made the end of July  1972.  My former husband and I took the kids and went over thru eastern Washington and Oregon and finally back to I-5 to visit his dad and step mom in Ashland, Oregon and then south to visit his mom, sister and brother in law in Redding, California. After those inland visits we went over Highway 101 coming out at Crescent City, California and  then continued north on Highway 101 thru Astoria, Oregon and then on home on Highway I-5.  We drove a little over 1,000 miles in all.

In the notes I wrote at one point " 616 miles so far have used 54 gallons of gas for 11.4 miles per gallon."    I can't remember the year of the truck we were driving but it had a camper on it and was loaded for 2 adults, a ten year old and a baby about to turn a year old. So it was no doubt pretty full.  The point I'm getting to here is the price of gas...can you believe it ???????   A mere 42 cents a gallon !   And I'm sure at the time we were concerned about the cost of this vacation.  We weren't rich by any means. My husband worked hard and had a good job as a brakeman on the railroad but like any young family we were just making it, I'm sure. 

 Can you imagine if gas was only 42 cents a gallon now ???? 


jeadie05 said...

I can remember when we went decimel ,here in the UK  it was 37p a gallon(we are beginning to talk like old ladys) lol Jan xx

justplainbill said...

A real old man remembers selling gas at an Atlantic station for 25.9 cents per gallon, with premium that only Dr. Carpenter bought at 29.9. In 1948.
Paid ten times that today, Oh well it is all downhill now. Bill

sunnyside46 said...

I would be goin on a ROAD TRIP!

mariealicejoan said...

42 cents a gallon seems like a dream price, mind you I can well imagine that wages were not as good then as they are now, so it probably evens out.  Gasoline is about 93 pence a litre here now, if not more.  There are 4.2 litres in a gallon I believe.  So at roughly £1.86 a litre or roughly four times that a gallon I still think you got cheap gas over there!  :-)
Don't you just love going through memory lane and looking at old pictures!  I know, I do!

breakaway1968 said...

Isn't it something how gas prices have  shot out of control. I was doing the same thing a few weeks ago and I ran into a receipt when we took an RV down to FL to Disney...this was just 8-9 yrs back and the total amount to fill up an RV was only 33.00  @ .99 cents per gallon!  AND we thought that was high!  Now I laugh at that and just imagine how much it would cost to fill up an RV!  YIKES