Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Update

Charges of first degree aggravated murder, kidnapping & rape were filed today against Terapon Adhahn, who is believed to have taken little Zina Linnik from the alley behind her home the evening of July 4th.   It's come out on the news now that he actually led police to the remote area where they recovered her body on July 12th.   Last week they also charged this same person with the rape of two other young girls in cases dating back to the late 1990's.   Once his picture was released publicly these other two victims came forward and identified him.   Zina's father responded to her screams and saw an Asian man closing the door on an older gray van.  He was able to give the police a partial license plate number and the police found the van with that information.  The van was registered to Terapon, who is already a convicted sex offender, having sexually molested his half sister in the 1990's.

You know...there are nice people, grouchy people, mean spirited people and people that are so kind, you consider them practically a saint.  But it's beyond anything I can imagine, how anyone can be so evil to do such a despicable thing to anyone, let alone an innocent child.  There is some concern that this man may also have been involved in the disappearance and murder of other young children in our area the last 10-12 years.  I hope someday, if he did harm those other children, he'll confess so the families of those innocent ones can have some closure.

Many of you will remember Ted Bundy...well he was from my home town.  (I believe his mother still lives here.)  Anyway, I know before he was executed, a couple of detectives from here traveled to where he was imprisoned and talked to him for hours, trying to find out if he was involved in any of the cases of missing females that had gone unsolved.  There was an 8 year old little girl, Ann Marie Burr, that disappeared in the middle of the night in August of 1961.  At the time a 14 year old Ted Bundy was the paper boy in their neighborhood. This was one case the police were especially eager to close....but Ted never gave them an answer.  Very sad for those of her family who still are alive....who still wonder what happened to her.

On another note....I did make it to Curves this morning.  After a week's break, I'm determined to go everyday this week except perhaps Wednesday when I take my grand daughter for her birthday outing.  I also gingerly stepped on the scale and I was down 3 pounds from about three weeks ago when I had my 2nd round of  measurements & weight taken, since I joined Curves in May.

My friend Barbara had called earlier this morning, wanting to know if I wanted to go Goodwill shopping today.  So she met me at Curves, just as I was finishing up.  We were both starving so we stopped at Jack In The Box and I had a Kids Hamburger meal.  I had just a hamburger (no cheese), I shared the fries and had a diet cola.  But then, we did the unthinkable....we stopped at Krispy Kreme and got a donut.  Yup, Barb had two glazed and I had one of their caramel filled, covered with chocolate and topped with crunchy toffee bits donuts. But I've learned my lesson, it's given me a stomach ache all afternoon.  LOL

We spent a couple hours in the main Goodwill Store here in town.  I found one long sleeved cotton blouse ($3.99) to wear with jeans this fall.   I also found several rolls of gift wrapping paper (unopened) for 99 cents a roll, some pretty note cards with envelopes for 59 cents.  And I got two black DVD racks (each one holds 24 DVD's) for $1.99 each. And  Barbara found a really pretty blouse, it's casual, good to pair with slacks of jeans, so we had a successful shopping trip. 

After the donut incident, I came home and mowed the lawn, hoping to burn off a few of those calories.  It's so wet out fact it was sprinkling as I was mowing, I only did the front, so the back lawn is still growing.  I think it's supposed to continue to clear up this week so hopefully I will be able to mow it by mid week.

Well, that's all for this time...I hope everyone had a good Monday........Linda



jonibooks1991 said...

Oh Linda I totally agree with you about this dispicable man.  Hopefully someday somehow he will get what he deserves.  Good for you about your weight loss and being so dedicated to curves, it is definetly paying off.  Hope that sun comes out tomorrow.  Joni

mariealicejoan said...

I truly think these people are despicable and can never be "fixed".  I say lock em up and throw away the key, permanently. They should never get out, NEVER.  I am talking about anyone who is a sex offender.  Most times by the time they have been actually caught for something, they've already gotten away with it far too many times to count  without being caught.  I love charity shops.  You can get alot of good stuff in a charity shop!  One man's junk is more often than not another man's treasure!

breakaway1968 said...

Oh that poor little girl!  Isn't that just horrible how some people can so such a thing!  

Congrats on making it to curves! I am very proud of you!  BUT no more krispy Kreme!  

jeadie05 said...

Iagree that man is evil ,thankgoodness the police caught him so promptly,and he is locked up for ever ,well done on the weight loss lol at the doughnut ,your bargains sound great Jan xx

julydarby said...

We were attending the same church as Butch Hinton at the time when he was accused of kidnapping and murdering Shannon Melendi. (you may have not heard of this since I'm in Atlanta). Our church members rallied around him but I *just knew* in my gut that he had done it. It was many years later when he finally confessed - 12, I think- and I was so grateful that her family had closure. And I wanted to scream a big "told ya so" to all the people at the church who had defended him - but we had moved away from there.
Hope you have a great Tuesday!

ally123130585918 said...

Linda I am glad they have charged that person ~ (can't call him a man he is the scum of the earth) to Murder and rape an innocent child ~ and probably connected to other rapes ~ I don't agree with the death penalty but in the case of Children who are defenceless ~ I would say yes to it ~
Well done on the weight loss ~ not on the Krispy Kreme though :o) you will have to go mow all your neighbours lawns to lose those calories :o)
Glad you got some Bargains at the Goodwill Store ~ Ally x

wwfbison said...

I hope they convict that evil person.  I cannot understand how anyone, for any reason can hurt a child ~ it just boggles my mind.  Congrats on the weight loss!  I read one of the books the Detectives wrote after their extensive interview with Bundy.

nay0114 said...

It makes me sick when people like that are roaming around everywhere. I'm like you and feel sorry for all those families that just want answers so they can move on with their lives.
Congrats on the loss. I need to be mowing, but it's not working for me right now. I can't get moving.
Hope you're having a great day.
Take care, Chrissie