Sunday, July 1, 2007


I haven't written an entry for a few days, so thought I'd take this opportunity to "catch -up."  First of all, I've posted a picture of a pot of beautiful lavender double petunias I found in one of the local garden centers this past spring.  It's on my front porch for all to see and it's finally taking off as far as it's blooming cycle is concerned.  The name of it is "lavender double madness."  It is truly beautiful and all who pass by it stop and take a look.

Our weather has been very weird the last week.   Sunny and warm and then cool, with dark angry clouds and heavy rain.  This past Thursday evening I drove across town, picked up a former co-worker and we went to dinner before going to one of our local amateur theaters to see "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."  While we were eating dinner, we had to pull the blind on the window because the late afternoon sun was right in our eyes.  When the play was over about 10 pm and we headed for the car it was sprinkling.  I took her back to her car and by then it was pouring.  It took me forever to get home.  The rain was coming down so hard, even my windshield wipers at full speed could not keep the windows clear.  And then the water was running deep in the streets and if I went thru a puddle, the water would splash up on the windshield making it very difficult to see.  The water was like a river in the streets and the storm drains looked like "Old Faithful."  Water was gushing up out of them, in some cases, several feet high.  I never got over 20 miles an hour all the way home and believe me, it was a white knuckle experience.  My night vision has certainly worsened in my "old age."  Friday was sunny and then rainy again....Saturday it was nice & warm all day and today it started out sunny but is at times a little overcast with a little bit of a breeze.

Saturday, Bob came over and we transferred all the food from my chest freezer to the upright freezer I recently bought from my neighbor who has his house up for sale.  I was so happy to get the upright as it will give me moreroom in my storage shed.  Bob moved the chest freezer out onto the patio and once I get it cleaned up I will put it up for sale on Craigslist.  Both are 15 1/2 cubic feet so I'll have the same amount of room but I think the upright will make it easier to find stuff. 

I've two family birthday's this week.  My cute little great niece, Callie Rose, will be 5 years old on Monday, July 2nd.  And my one and only grand daughter, Meghanne, will be 15 years old on Wednesday the 4th of July.   I can still remember that morning 15 years ago...when my daughter & SIL headed for the hospital, my daughter in labor, several weeks too early, saying (actually she was whining) "I don't want to have a baby on a holiday."  Well, as she found out a few hours later..babies have a tendency to come when they want to.  Little Meghanne had to stay in the hospital a little longer because she was early, but thankfully...she suffered no lasting effects.  They aren't planning anything special (other than the whole nation shooting off fireworks) this year...but I understand next year when she's 16 there will be a real birthday party.

I've been starting to get ready for the annual community carport sale. We have one each year here in the mobile park where I live. This year it's going to be August 3rd, 4th & 5th.  (So, for those of you who read my journal and live in the same general area as I do...I hope to see you here sometime that weekend.)  I've been setting things aside, to get rid of.  How in the world do we end up with so much stuff ?  When I moved from that 3 bedroom house, with a full basement, to this mobile home...I took 4 pickup trucks full to the Goodwill and about 900 pounds of stuff to the dump.  

It's hard to believe that in just under 8 weeks, we'll head for Seattle again to board Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas.  I've already been on line and picked out the off-shore excursions I want to do.  And I'm already sticking items in my suitcase that I don't want to forget. This year instead of Victoria, B.C. they are stopping at Prince Rupert, B.C. so that will be different.  And this year I am not going to wake up with bronchitis, an ear infection and finally pneumonia when we're only a couple days out from Seattle.  I WILL STAY WELL THIS TIME !!  First of all, I won't have my friend Lynnette there to take care of me, like last year and it really put a crimp in my adventure.  I missed the much anticipated kitchen tour, the lobster dinner and some of the other on board activities.

I see on my calendar that today, July 1st, is Canada day.  And it looks like it's a Monday holiday, since it falls on Sunday.  So have a great long weekend, to those of you in Canada.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend.   For those here in the US this is a four day work week (for some people anyway) with the holiday coming on Wednesday. 

Until next time......Linda



jonibooks1991 said...

Linda that flower is beautiful, I'll have to look for one.  How fun to have a grandchild with a 4th of July birthday, Happy Birthday to Meghanne!  Joni

jeanno43 said...

I was unable to see the picture.  All I got was the loading sign and then "your request could not be"  I assume they were going to say processed but that word did not appear.  There seems to be rain everywhere.  We had the wettest June for 93 years and they forecast lots more during the coming week.

jeadie05 said...

Linda I can understand why everyone stops to look at your plant ,its beautiful ,we are having strange weather here too rain most days ,how I long for some summer so I can sit in the garden ,your drive home in the rain sounded horific ,A happy Birthday to Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Beautiful flower Linda and such a lovely colour ~ like you we are having some weird weather ~ your trip home from the theatre sounded really frighening ~ Hope Callie Rose has a Happy Birthday today ~ and Meghanne has a Happy 15th Birthday on the 4th ~ would love to come to your carport sale what a good way to have a clear out ~ hope you get rid of all your unwanted stuff ~ your holiday seems to have come round so quickly and NO please get taken ill on this trip ~ Ally x

pharmolo said...

Beautiful flower, Linda. Sounds like your weather is about as weird as it is in the UK.