Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, the rain is's been cool but sunny today.  I took a ride with Bob down to Olympia, so he could pay his union dues.  He dropped me off at Shipwreck Beads while he went to take care of his union business.  He's been retired for almost 4 years and he walks in and they said "hey, do you want to go to work?"  When he was working, he'd sit on the "out of work"  list for months sometimes, waiting to be called out on a job.  Now he's 66 years old, tired & retired and they want to know if he wants to go to work.  By the way he was a commercial plumber & pipe fitter for over 35 times it was a very physical, hard job...definitely not a suitable job for an old guy.  LOL

I browsed around Shipwreck Beads...and found some new charms and some little gold and silver split rings so I can add the charms to my gold chains.  I also got a black velvet necklace neck display thingy so I can display & photograph necklaces for eBay.

After we left there, we stopped at the Goodwill in Lacey.  I found a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans for women for $5.99.  I was so thrilled !  Having worked for so long, I am very short on regular, around the house clothes. I have one pair of jeans, which I wear around the house, out in the yard, etc. Yesterday, I was out painting in that pair of jeans.  So I'm happy to have a inexpensive pair now that I can feel comfortable wearing for projects around the house.

Shortly after I got home my son stopped by.  He wanted me to put an engagement ring on Craig's List for him.  Poor kid...two engagement rings are in his possession.  The store would only take them back within 90 days and unfortunately the engagements lasted longer than 90 days.  Does anyone need an engagement ring?

Oh...they are just saying the rain is coming back.  At least I guess that's what they mean, when they mention;  "pitter, patter on your windshield." 

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plgary said...

Hey there - It is really raining in Puyallup right now -

jonibooks1991 said...

Oh I want to go to shipwreck beads some day.  Joni

jeadie05 said...

Shipwreck beads looks an interesting place to get lost in ,we have had awagul waether the last few days cold and wet ,well done getting your new jeans ,Iwas like you when I retired not many casual work clothes Jan xx

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((LINDA)))))))))))))))I cant belive they asked your Hubby to work after Hes been retired.That is a beatiful rign.I would love to go to Shipwrrek Beads.I colect Beads.Have a nice day.

wwfbison said...

Oh, I just checked out Shipwreck Beads from your, they have everything.  I am going to go back in and look at the charms.  I thought of you today, we were picking up a bike Doug bought and the lady had an old postcard.  I didn't buy it and after we left I thought I should have after your postcard you sold on Ebay.  I used to sell alot on Ebay, I am going to get back into it.  Well Bob should have been here last night with my well fiasco going on , he could have told them what to do.  LOL