Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's In A Name ?

I got this from Robin, who got it from Sharon...........

Does Your Name Fit ??
A: Hott
B: loves people
C: great friend
D: can kick ur butt
E: has gorgeous eyes
F: wild and crazy people adore you
G: very outgoing
H: crazy
I: loves to laugh and smile
J: is really sweet
K: cute
L: good kisser
M:can be funny and dumb at times
N: easy to fall in love with
O: has one of the best personalities ever
P: popular with all types of people
Q: good boyfriend or girlfriend
R: has a smile to die for
S: makes people laugh
T: very good kisser
U: is very sexual
V: not judgmental
W: very broad minded
X: never let people tell you what to do
Y: is very sexual
Z: makes dating fun
L: good kisser
I: loves to laugh & smile
N: easy to fall in love with
D: can kick ur butt-ocks
A: Hott (ya right)
L: good kisser
E: has gorgeous eyes
E: has gorgeous eyes
This old woman has no comment, I was just playing the game....thanks Robin !


kaydeejay5449 said...

I did this and added it to my journal. FUN...
Hugs, Kathy

wwfbison said...

Awe, this is cute....I like it.