Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Morning Update

I was hoping for sunshine as we made our way to Ikea, about 30 miles from here....but alas it rained and it was raining hard.  I hate to be on freeway in the rain !  Everyone goes so fast and then there's those jerks that are weaving in and out of traffic...makes me nervous.  And we got clear out past the county line & Bob decided he couldn't remember exactly where the store was (we hadn't been there for about 5 years), so I called Joni on my cell and asked her for help.  She gave us good information and we did get there. Thanks again Joni !

Anyway, we arrived and bless their hearts they have covered parking and a covered walk-way into the store.  If you've never been to Ikea, it's an experience the moment you walk thru the entrance. The store is huge !!  I mean, acres and acres of merchandise.  (I especially love the kitchen department.)  Anyway, Bob was hungry so we headed for the restaurant where we had a lunch of Swedish meatballs, red potatoes, gravy and ligonberry sauce. YUMMY !!!!! 

I didn't have much in mind to purchase, other than they were having a sale and I noticed the bags of Swedish meatballs were on sale and I wanted to get a couple bags for my freezer.  I also got lots of packages of Swedish cookies and crackers to put into Christmas baskets.   I wish now I would have bought some jars of ligonberry preserves...it was really good. Oh, gosh...will we have to go back before the holidays ???

But my most fun purchase were the stuffedanimals I got for my niece'slittle ones for Christmas gifts.  There's 4 little ones all together and I love to get them something, but can't afford to spend a whole lot of money.  I've included pictures of these darling creatures. They were all just $6.99 a piece.  I also found a few pieces in the "Kitchen" department to buy and bring home.  :)

After we got back to my house, Bob went to visit his friend Stuart.  Stuart is doing ok...still having some issues with pain after having his bladder removed last month because of cancer.  Bob has to take him to the Univ of Washington Medical Center on October 25th for an MRI.  I guess that will tell the doctors if there's any cancer cells left and if so then they'll decide on a treatment plan.      I headed over to Fred Meyer to do a little grocery shopping.  And then home for the evening.  My feet were killing me from our time at Ikea...I almost felt like the day we were trekking around Las Vegas. LOL

When I pulled into the driveway from Freds...my neighbor, Mr Newton walked over to tell me he's 99% sure their place is sold and that they could be leaving for Missouri as soon as this coming Sunday. My heart just sunk...I will miss them so much...they are absolutely the best neighbors I have ever had.  So then I asked him about the buyers..."well, there's an older man, I don't know if he's married or what"  he says...just like a man (LOL)  I want details and he gives me generalities.  So then I said "ok..an older man, is he 102, 80, 70 ?"  He says "I don't know, I just know I got his money and that he's passed the background & financial check by the park management."  I really have been praying for a couple in their 60's...with a nice lady that I can visit with from time to time.  So I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I got a can of almond color Krylon spray paint for my range hood at Fred Meyer's yesterday. So my task today is to take the magnets off and clean it thoroughly then mask off the whole area with news papers and try and get it painted to match the stove top.  Bob recently spray painted the range hood, stove top and oven door in the camper and it looks great!  And it was really in bad shape.  He chose a "hammered gold" color and that goes well with the interior of the camper.

So, I'm off to get busy.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.  Until next time........Linda



breakaway1968 said...

Your Monday post disappeared as did most everyone else's!  It did show up in my alerts tho.  It was the Monday question entry.  

labdancer51 said...

I love IKEA Linda, it`s so cheap there and what a range of goods they have for sale. I love the Swedish meatballs and we always have them when we go there. I usually buy a few packs to put in the freezer as they are so yummy! :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

jeadie05 said...

Now Iwant to go to Ikea ,I have never been and would like too,the toys you bought are such fun ,and the children will love them Im sure ...love Jan xx

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))My Mom loves that stoor,they have alot of stuff and the food place is nice to,we also like the meaballs.Thoes are cute stuff anmials.Looks like you had a ball.Have a ncie night.

mariealicejoan said...

I have always heard that Ikea is very good, although I've never been.  I would so love to go.  There is one in London not too far from us I guess, maybe about 45 minutes. Perhaps one day I will be able to talk Todd into going.  I think they have lovely nicnaks and kitchen stuff as well.

jonibooks1991 said...

Maybe it will be a nice man in his 60's you can visit with once in a while ;)  You make IKEA sound like fun not the one we went to once, may have to try it again, the stuffed animals were really cute.  You're welcome for the directions, glad they helped.  Joni

jvbutterfly said...

I love the stuffed animals...LOL....to cute.....June:)

wwfbison said...

I have never been to Ikea, our closest one is in Philly - about 1.5 away.  Sorry to hear your neighbor is leaving, I would be wondering about the new people too.  Men don't think like that!
I hope they are decent and you find another friend to socialize with now & then.  The stuffed animals are adorable!