Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wednesday Night Adventure

Wednesday evening I started checking on line only to find that my cousin's plane would be about 20 minutes late.  We left a little later than planned, took my car to a local Park & Ride and headed out on the I-5 freeway.  It was absolutely pouring rain, and the spray from all the big trucks was almost blinding. (I'm glad Bob was driving, I would have been a nervous wreck.) We got over to the airport's Cell Phone Lot about 9:40pm, about the time we estimated Betty's plane would be landing.  The lot was full and the overflow cars (including us) were circling thru the lot like a bunch of sharks.  Finally someone got "the call" and pulled out, so we were able to park.  We figured by the time she got off the plane, got her luggage and was ready for pick up, we would just barely have enough time to catch our 10:20pm bus back to where my car was parked.  When 10pm rolled around and she still hadn't called, I called her cell phone and she said yes, she was off the plane but the luggage hadn't come down yet. (Oh great!).  The minutes ticked by, and we knew just before 10:15pm our last chance to get back was the 11:20pm bus. Finally at 10:45pm she called and said she had her we left the Cell Phone Lot and headed for Continental's Load/Unload area.  We pulled up, I grabbed my purse and got out of the car, Bob got out of the driver's side, helped Betty put her two bags in the back seat, she handed me a bag saying"here's something for you guys" (my gift is the posted picture and Bob's was a beautiful coffee mug with Alaska scenes on it), gave us both a hug and hopped into the drivers seat and away she went to her friend's house in north Seattle.  That all took approximately 3 minutes or less.

We went into the terminal, to use the rest rooms and so Bob could get a cup of coffee.  He double checked on the bus time and we sat and waited, inside where it was warm.  I love to see the hustle & bustle of an airport.  All the people coming, getting their luggage, greeting their loved ones and friends. So we had an enjoyable 15 minutes or so people watching.   If you'd been there, you would have heard me snicker as I saw people dressed in shorts, t-shirts and sandals...getting their bags, only to walk outside in the 43 degree rain of Seattle to their rides.  LOL !!

Our bus came right on time and we climbed on with about 20 other passengers for our journey south.  The driver stopped at several Park & Ride lots to let people off and about an hour later we arrived at the Park & Ride where my car was parked.  There's a McDonald's right there, so we pulled thru the drive thru window, to get a little hot fudge sundae and then on to my house.

Miss Gabi was sitting at the door with a puzzled look on her face, as if to say "Mom where have you been, so late?"  So I took her cue and she & I tumbled into bed a little after 1am

I was going to stay home today and get started on wrapping but Barbara called me about 10am and said she wanted to go to the Goodwill, closest to my house and would I go with her.  So I did....and then after that we stopped at I-Hop and had a little late breakfast.  By the time I got home it was almost 3pm...and then my son stopped by to change from his work clothes because he had a dentist appointment.   I did find a couple treasures at the GW, one of which is already on eBay.  The other is a beautiful little girls coat (size 6) that I bought.  My friend Dianne called on my cell phone while I was there and I was telling her about this coat and she said "go ahead & get it & I'll pay you for it, that will fit my grand daughter."  So I got it and if she ends up not liking it for some reason, I'll just sell it on eBay too.

Needless to say, I got nothing else accomplished today.  But tomorrow is another day and the rain continues.........Linda


breakaway1968 said...

Ebay is such a nice p lace to go and sell some of the items that are worth way more then you can get for them at a garage sale.  I always sell my Gymboree clothes on there because I pay almost 100 bucks an outfit and there is NO way you can get even 4 bucks back out of them at a rummage sale but I can get close to 45 back on ebay!  I will take that over a buck any day lol.  

pharmolo said...

Indeed, a late night adventure, Linda. I've got the sun out today ;-)

malikas4478 said...

Hi Linda,

Can you please remove this album and add it back again.
I spoke to the AOL Pictures team, and they suggested you remove this a picture in this entry and add it back again.

Let me know on MagicSmoke if that does not work.


mariealicejoan said...

Love the picture Linda.  Cat's are such great company.  I sure wish I had one.  I couldnt' read this entry yesterday, or the day before, so am glad they were finally able to get it sorted for you!  This journalling business can be very frustrating at times can't it!!!

jeadie05 said...

Great picture ,Itried several tinmes to read this entry ,so pleased its now up and running ,love Jan xx

wwfbison said...

There is an energy to airports isn't there...although I won't fly I do enjoy watching others travel LOL.  I love your picture, this is so true ~ especially of my cathouse!!
I bet Miss Gabi was wondering what was going on, I recall in another entry she was trying to get you to go to bed very early one evening.  She needs her rest you know with such a stressful life...haha.