Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Big Mess On Interstate 90

Snoqualmie Pass (Interstate 90) over the Cascades has been closed since Tuesday morning due to dangerous avalanche conditions.  There are hundreds of trucks lined up on both sides of the pass waiting for the 70 mile stretch of highway to re-open.   There was a large avalanche of snow that came down onto the highway Tuesday morning, narrowly missing several vehicles.  The wet snow continues to fall only contributing to the possibility of further avalanches.  The Department Of Transportation has purposely triggered some avalanches to try and stabilize the condition but they still feel it's unsafe to re-open the pass.  At least those semi truck drivers have sleeper cabs, a lot of them with all the comforts of home (in a compact space, however) so other than wanting to drive their routes, seem to be doing well.

Our snow is gone now.  We did have some flurries Tuesday afternoon but melted shortly after it fell. The temperatures are still hovering around the freezing level, so snow could fall again anytime, if the conditions are right.  Eastern Washington is apparently buried in snow.  They city of Spokane has already used their "snow removal" budget for the year and there are still at least 6 weeks where heavy snowfall is possible.  South of me, in south western Washington and including Portland, Oregon are also experiencing heavy snowfall problems. 

Schools in some of those areas are closed and roads are closed or considered treacherous. In looking out my window this morning, even though it's still dark out there, I can see the road is very shinny.  Of course there are no measures taken in here, such as sanding the roads, so I imagine it's like an ice skating rink out there.  A lot of neighboring kids walk thru the park on their way to the school just outside the back gate...I hope they are careful where they step this morning. It's slippery out there.

Barbara and I went to see the movie "Mad Money" yesterday. It stars Diane Keaton and Queen Latifia.  It was ok...nothing to "write home about."  We wanted to see "27 Dresses"  but it wasn't showing at a good time.  We both had stuff to do around noon and the later showing was too late. With the weather like it is, Barbara wanted to be able to get home before it got dark.  She always drives to my house and we go to the theater just up the street from me because we like it the best.

Well it's "Hump Day" for those of you going off to work each day.  So have a good day and remember once it's over, you're on the downhill slide to the weekend. 

Until next time.........Linda



sugarsweet056 said...

Happy hump day! Stay warm. :)

lv2trnscrb said...

got to feel for those truckers because you know they are itching to get going since they are just losing money waiting there; hoping the pass becomes safe soon to reopen and get them moving again

I hadn't heard of that movie, but I think I'll wait until I can rent it; lots cheaper that way.

be careful out there; don't slip on the ice :)


jeanno43 said...

That is one thing we do not have to worry about in this area of England.  No mountains so no avalanches

monicasmemoirs said...

I haven't been hearing good reviews for Mad Money.  Most say it's OK or 'wait for the video'.  Sonny, Kim and I were planning to see it and ended up seeing 27 dresses.  It was a cute show.  Very girly show.  Poor Sonny might have been they only guy forced to see the movie!


labdancer51 said...

It looks really bleak on that stretch of road Linda, those poor drivers in their trucks.

Love Sandra xxxx

abicequeen said...

Hi Linda,

Not being a stranger to that part of the state, it can be real treacherous when there is a lot of snow.
I know when things like this happen it can directly affect goods coming up across the border...which of course is less important than the safety of drivers.
Did you know that Australia put out a travel warning against Canada and one was because of avalanches.   We have had an unbelievable amount of fatalities this winter most by skiers or snowboards...snowmobiliers....very sad.

Tonight I am tucked in my warm house why the big guy went to some meeting with his friend,.  Unfortunately ALL those TV shows are reruns because of the strikes so maybe I will have to read a book or better yet PLAY PLAY on the computer.



mariealicejoan said...

They are calling for very cold weather and heavy snow fall here for the weekend.  I shall believe it when I see it!  This morning brings wind and rain, yet again.

kirkbyj05 said...

I double up on Marie's comment below me...our weather has been predicted as 4" of snow or more soon.  And this morning.... we have high winds with rain, rain, ad more rain!   Sigh!

Jeanie  in the English Lakes

wwfbison said...

Geesh, 90 sounds like a nightmare. I bet the truckers are angry even though they may be comfortable I imagine they are losing a lot of money just waiting.

jeadie05 said...

Gosh that looks horific pleased your snow has gone and you enjoyed the film ,keep warm Jan xx