Thursday, January 31, 2008

Call for Support

Please stop by  and give your support to Linda and her family.  Their family pet cat, Kirby, is doing poorly.  He's part of this family and they are worried sick about his condition.   I know they'll all appreciate your kinds words.


fasttrack58 said...

Thank you!
after receiving comments, I'm wondering if it is something else that might be treatable like his urinary tract blocked, as one of the cats has been peeing all over the garage, we thought it was the stray cat but maybe Kirby....
Linda :)

luddie343 said...

Will do.  Kudos for your thoughtfulness.  CATHY

lv2trnscrb said...

that's so sad! I left a comment; will keep them in my prayers


mariealicejoan said...

On my way now.  It's always such a worry when a pet is sick.  They can't tell you just how they are feeling can they?

butch9436 said...

Soooooo sorry about the family pet.  Praying for the family.

I have several girlfriends who's husbands have them and they put the husbands in the spare room at night so they (the wives) can get some sleep.

My husband would punch me (before the machine) and tell me to roll over.  But I thank our Father, GOD ... he did not banish me to another room, before or after getting the machine.  It was a scary thing, and being alone at night was never my 'cup of tea'. My machine purred a steady pace ... so maybe your girlfriends could get used to the sound; like a sound machine. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!
 GOD BLESS!  Cajun Sissy (

butch9436 said...

I have a cousin (and her children; all adult but living nearby) in Redmond; and a special and dear e-pal in Belfair.  Hoping to get to visit there in the summer.  You can email me at or visit my website ...  DIEU TE BENISSE!! GOD BLESS!! Cajun Sissy