Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Footnotes

This gray and white cat has been sleeping on my park bench out on the front porch for over a week now. He/she disappears about 7pm and is back again about 8am.  It doesn't beg for food and I've decided not to offer it any, because it really needs to go home for food. I wouldn't dare let it in the house because 1st of all I don't know it's health condition and it might harm Gabi (or vice versa).   It  sleeps on the blanket I have on the bench and doesn't appear to be afraid of me, but I don't directly approach it either.  When I have to walk by it, I speaking softly and it just watches me, then puts it's head down and goes back to sleep.  

I was at the main Goodwill store yesterday looking for yarn and knitting needles.  Of course when I'm on a mission for a particular thing, they don't have it.  (I've seen them there a hundred times in the past).  So I went over to Hancock Fabrics and bought some needles and a pretty rosy/pink yarn.  I'm still determined to learn to knit and have printed out the directions for the "Magic Scarf" available on Google.   I did however find some treasures to put on eBay.  So that always makes me happy.

Today I must clean this messy house and finish getting things together in order to have my taxes done.  I haven't received the W-2's yet but I want to be ready when they arrive.  I called today and made an appointment with my tax person for the first week of February.

The sun is finally shining here this afternoon.  Yesterday it was cold and gloomy all day.  It's supposed to be rainy and windy all weekend and then sun again all next week. 

There have been a couple small earthquakes at Mt St Helens this past week.  One day there was a rather big plume of steam coming out of it.  I think the web cams nearby are out right now but I found one that's showing the steam plume out of South Carolina.  Thanks to them for keeping up with our mountain.   Here's another one from Portland, Oregon;

Thank you all for the kind comments in regards to the passing of my friend Judy's father.  I will pass them on to her next week. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  And that you get to do something fun this weekend.  The movie "27 Dresses" is out, I may go see it.  Barbara is busy all weekend but I don't mind going alone.  Maybe Saturday.......

Until next time,  Linda


pharmolo said...

As long as the cat is happy, that's all that matters. Sent you mail re. Mt Helens

jeadie05 said...

Looking forward to seeing you in the pretty pink Jan xx

jonibooks1991 said...

It is sad about the cat, but I wouldn't take it in either.  I could maybe help you if you have any knitting questions.  Another nasty weekend, well stay cozy.  Joni

fasttrack58 said...

We have a stray that comes and goes, of course I feed him, he sleeps in the garage with Kirby when he visits... I just figure he's Kirby's friend and they are having a sleep over, lol....
We are all about bday parties this weekend!
Hope you get out to see the movie!!
Linda :)

justplainbill said...

Linda, I know you have some number ability and typing skills and computer knowledge. I would suggest you take a look at this site and see if you can use it to do your own taxes. It is really an easy program to use and does a complete return. It is FREE unless you want to file online and then there is a charge. You have the time and might save yourself a few bucks, Good Luck Bill

wwfbison said...

The cat doesn't look to be in poor condition, he/she is very pretty ~ I wouldn't bring it in the house either with the possibility of exposing Gabi to anything.  All of my rescues are in their own place for 3 months until all testing and re-testing is confirmed.  I just finished the W-2's for my employees on Thursday. I hope you do learn how to knit, I would love to see your finished products.

lv2trnscrb said...

maybe the cat's lonesome during the day when his/her family is at work and figures there's more activity at your house; good looking cat, though. I think its neat you can find treasures to put on eBay; I know they are out there, but don't know what people will buy; I bet its fun to do plus a little extra spending money.

enjoy the weekend; that 27 Dresses movie sounds cute!


mariealicejoan said...

That's a beautiful looking cat.  He certainly looks well cared for and fed.  You are right to want to keep him away from your own cat though.  As you know without knowing the cat's history you could be inviting trouble into your life.  Good luck on the knitting project!

breakaway1968 said...

Oh you have WAY more strength then I when it comes to strays!  It does look like a stray...seems pretty matted up.  I would have to grab him up and stick him in my bathroom until I could get him to the vet! lol  But what I SHOULD do is exactly what your doing.  Maybe you should call animal control to have them bring him into the pound.  He just looks so lonely!  :(  
I can't wait to see 27 should be a great movie.

queenb8261 said...

Our "stray" pet cat has disappeared. A week ago. She started coming around last summer and looked like she was starving. Not being a cat person (childhood isssues) I'd try to run her off but the girls and Tom liked her so much. Next thing I know Tommy had secretly started feeding her but then here came several OTHER strays or cats just running the neighborhood. Tom tried moving her food around then he put in our back yard. I have 2 dogs, one of who chases the cats out our yard (birds and squirrels too...LOL) so we had to teach him it was OK if "Calico Callie" was out there. Next thing I know Tom had her a box with a pillow and blankets. We warmed bricks and put under her pillow when it got terribly cold. I told Tom as soon as he had her checked by a vet we'd "talk" about her coming in the house. (She had already figured out the doggie door.) Then it got too cold for her I guess one night and she took off and we haven't seen her. She was getting fat. We thought she might be going to have kittens...I hope she is somewhere safe. Maybe your new "friend" will go back to where it came from.
Have a good Sunday. Barb