Thursday, January 31, 2008

I hate this to be my only subject, but.....

........Interstate 90 remains closed since yesterday afternoon when another avalanche buried two cars.  The people in those cars were rescued and are ok, but the back up on both sides of the mountain pass continues to grow.  They said on today's noon TV news that it will be at least another 24 hours until the pass re-opens. 

For those of you that are not familiar with this highway, Interstate 90 is the main highway across the upper portion of the U.S. from the west coast to the east coast. There was one trucker they interviewed that had a load of stuff bound for New Jersey.  So you can see it's a very important highway here in the U.S.

Several other passes over the Cascades are closed indefinitely, too.  What's happened is that the temperatures have risen slightly, and the snow coming down is very heavy and wet. Making for slipping and sliding snow.  I feel sorry for the ski one can get to them either.  They are loosing thousands of dollars with these closures.

Here in my neck of the woods, it's about 40* with wind and rain. Dark clouds tell me it's going to continue for awhile.

I was checking on Royal Caribbean's web site, using the cruise reservation number and found they upgraded our cabin from the lower level, outside cabin I requested, to a larger outside cabin on deck 9 (not a balcony cabin however).  I'm just wondering if the movement of the ship will be more pronounced up there and will it make me seasick?  I know there are some super cruisers out there, so what do you think? I think I'll be buying some Dramamine and I guess it works better if you start using it several days before you that right?

Well, I'm off here to start going thru "summer clothes" and see what fits and what doesn't.  Until next time.........Linda


breakaway1968 said...

I was watching some of this on the news here...It's making big headlines.  Sure hope no one gets hurt!  

pharmolo said...

Quite a lot of snow, I had a look at some of the links you left in an entry yesterday, Linda. Please nobody got hurt.

jeanno43 said...

Your weather sounds awful.  I saw on our news the riots in China because the snow has stopped all the trains running. We are having a cold snap here for a couple of days but then it will be warming up again.

jeadie05 said...

Your weather looks atrocious,keep warm and stay in doors if you can ,how nice to have your trip ,to plan to take your mind of things ,get digging through those rails for your nice summer clothes Jan xx

jimsulliv3 said...

Did the Donner family take interstate 90?


abicequeen said...

Hi Linda,

Well I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that I finally heard from Todd.

Believe or not Chuckie and I are going on a cruise.   We had talked about it before but I was concerned about my "anxiety" situation etc.etc. and although my youngest Dana has been on 4 cruises I thought I would like to be just Chuck and I and NOW I thought maybe my mental difficulties would be easier with more family around SO sometime this month we are off.  
FINALLY found the Passport and not quite expired.
Summer clothes I just gave away piles as I have gained weight so now I guess I am hopeful some stores will have stock out or available.
Keeping you posted on where we are going...
Dana is so good at this she can be the cruise director and ALL I said was I HAVE to have a window in my cabin and a balcony would be nice.
I do not get seasick so that is not a problem although I will take pills along.
OH I am getting excited.
We head down in the am to babysit while the kids take off for the night out at a fancy smancy place in the mountains and then when they come home we will head over to our Super 8 second home for a few days of R & R.
You know I think I am getting the hang of this retirement.
Did you tell me what you did as a living?


Lori J.

lv2trnscrb said...

my husband and me were just talking about 90 being closed last night and he said it was a good thing we still didn't live in Montana because he knew the road closure would be affecting his hospital getting supplies. It is a vital highway

I've never been on a cruise so I have no idea about sea sickness; hopefully someone more "seasoned" can offer you advice and I hope the weather is nice when you come down this way


mariealicejoan said...

They say we may get some snow this weekend, but nothing like you describe here.  I  have never seen snow like that here, although I guess they have gotten it in the past!  OH, how I do wish I were going on a cruise!  I Know you will share lots of pictures with us though, so that's good, almost like being there I suppose, except we don't get to enjoy the lovely food and temps!