Thursday, January 3, 2008

Photo Scavenger Hunt #123


Photo Scavenger Hunt #123 will be due on
Sunday, January 6,
at 11:00 PM EST.
Our subject this week is:

I am picking up the very first Hunt of the new year for Krissy and am very honored.  Thank you, Krissy.  I thought the subject "
New" would be an appropriate one.  Krissy will be back at the helm very, very soon.  I will let you know when.  Thanks for being patient while we took a break for the holidays.  The Hunt will be every week as scheduled.  You may interpret the subject any way you wish.  PLEASE post your submissions by copying your FULL entry URL and pasting it into the comments section belowIf you have any questions about how to do this (or how to upload or post photos) do not hesitate to send me an email at  I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and I am wishing all the best for 2008!!  Hugs, Val xox

Well, I'm slowly catching up on my alerts of the last week and finally got to Val   posting the Photo Scavenger Hunt for her sister Krissy.  It just so happens I got a new  book in the mail today, a birthday gift from my cousin Sheila, who lives with her hubby in Nevada. She and I are definitly cut from the same cloth in so many ways.  Our mother's were sisters and sometimes I feel like she's more like a sister than a cousin. One thing we both love is historical reading.  The book is titled "The Fateful Journey of Tamsen Donner" by author Frankye Craig.  (By the way Sheila even had the author autograph it to me~even more special).  It's the story of the Donner Party, who headed west in 1846.  I know the story of their horrible mistake of leaving the established trail and heading off on an unproven route over the mountains. But am looking forward to reading this author's diary format of this story.

When Bob and I were on the road last spring, we went over Donner Pass (named for this pioneer party, led by George Donner).  We stopped at the summit, to stretch our legs and as I stood there, listening to the wind in the huge trees and looked around at the snow covered peaks all around us~I wept, when I thought of those dear people who came this same route over 150 years ago.  Here we were walking around in a paved parking lot, with warm coats on, there was a warm building with restrooms and we crawled back into Bob's warm pickup and headed over the pass on a 4 lane highway, cleared by a snowplow.  I can't even imagine the suffering the Donner party went thru the winter of 1846-47 as they were attempting to cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains at this point.

I finished a book last night, so will be able to start this new, compelling book tonight. 

If interested you can order a copy of this book for yourself at;


monicasmemoirs said...

New books are always fun to get.  Time to get lost with your imagination and a good book.  Enjoy!


rbrown6172 said...

new books are always exciting.  happy reading!  :)

lv2trnscrb said...

do let us know your take of it after you finish the book; sounds like an interesting one

enjoy the day!

mariealicejoan said...

I read a book about the Donner Party years ago.  The things they went through were amazing. All the pioneers were special people with an amazing inner strength  and faith.  I wonder how any of us would cope under the same circumstances.  Am off to check out the book now as it looks right up my alley!

breakaway1968 said...

I did the photo scavenger hunt here it's in the middle of this entry:

Enjoy that book!!

carolelainedodd said...

Not a book I know. Sounds intriguing.

valphish said...

Fascinating.  Truly fascinating.  I would like to hear how you feel after you read the book.  I am off to read The Wiki site.  Fascinating entry.  I love history.  Thanks so much for this... Wishing you the VERY BEST in the new year, Linda!  Hugs, Val xox

robsbrooklyngirl said...

Wow what an experience. I love almost anything to do with history. I am sorry to say I have never heard this story before but I would love to get that book & read it. Sounds like a story that will truly touch my heart.