Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thanks for the birthday wishes

Thank you all for the birthday wishes~both as comments in my journal entry and all the e-cards I received.  My day was ok...I got lots of phone calls from friends and family.  Bob had asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I had told him I wanted to go to Point Defiance Park and Zoo, as I had not been there for years.  Well, the weather was so ugly and he is still coughing away with a bad cold, so I let him off the hook.  I didn't feel walking around the zoo in the rain & wind would be a good idea for him. We'll wait until the weather is a little nicer.  He did take me to lunch and then went on home.

I spent a couple hours in the afternoon visiting with Susan & Linda...who held the same job I did before I retired.  It was the first time the 3 of us had been together in over a year.  I retired in February 07, and Susan had to resign shortly there after as she was going thru treatment for Lymphoma and Linda has now been laid off because the health system decided to outsource that particular job.  We had a nice visit and then I left and headed home, stopping at the Safeway to get some milk.

Once I was home, my friend Barbara came over for about an hour.  She brought me a card and a gift and offered to take me out for a bite to eat but I was still so stuffed from lunch...I felt I couldn't eat a thing.

I got a couple more phone calls from friends this evening and then watched a movie ("Love Actually" with that naughty boy Hugh Grant).  

The wind is really kicking up out there, a couple times I was afraid my house was going to be lifted up and carried away.  The temperature was up around 48 degrees during the day on Friday, but now it's dropped to 40 degrees and along with the wind gusts, there's rain. 

Well, here it is after 1 o'clock in the morning, I think it's time for this old hen to turn in for the night. 

By the way Guido, I loved your comment; 21 years old with 45 years of experience.  That's a good one.    I usually say I'm 29 not counting weekends....until next time, Linda


mleppard06 said...

hello linda, glad you had a good birthday, shame about the weather.take care mrs t xx

jeadie05 said...

So pleased you had a good Birthday Linda ,it sounded like a busy fun packed day Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

Glad that you had a good birthday.

pharmolo said...

Good to hear you had an enjoyable b'day, Linda

lv2trnscrb said...

I love that "I'm 29 not counting weekends" I'll have to remember that one. Seems like you had a great birthday!

we are getting rain/wind here too! we need it too!


pamal3 said...

Sounds like you had a good catch up with your friends, lovely that it was on your birthday. What is it about that Hugh Grant? If he popped round to mine for coffee, I would have to keep him for a while! lol ;0) Love Pam xx

treesrgreen78 said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday, Linda.  God bless.  

cayasm said...

Glad to hear you had a good Birthday.


labdancer51 said...

Sorry I missed your birthday Linda, I`m glad you had a nice day though. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

preciousone25 said...

So glad you enjoyed your birthday!!!


wwfbison said...

It sounds as though you had a nice day with friends, too bad you didn't make it to the zoo - perhaps on a nice sunny day you will enjoy it more anyway.  I hope Bob is feeling better soon.

fasttrack58 said...

Glad you had a nice bday!
Linda :)

breakaway1968 said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day!  

nay0114 said...

Aww.. have a great birthday.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie