Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nice Matters

I'm not sure where this started, but I've been seeing it traveling thru AOL Journal Land the last week or so.

I want to thank Lisa ( for graciously passing this award on to me. Now my job is to pass it on to others.  I read so many wonderful journals and many of them have already received this award (and rightly so). 

So here are my choices;

1. Ally, who lives in the U.K.  She's such a sweet lady and there have been times when I was up late here in Washington, I would see Ally on line (early morning for her)  and I would send her and Instant Message and we'd chat back and forth.

2. Lori, lives in Alberta, Canada.  She is fairly new to AOL Journals, but after emails back and forth...have discovered she's a great lady.  Semi-retired and looking forward to meeting and making new friends in JLand.

3. Joni, lives in the Seattle area and just began journaling last year. She retired last August after working for aver 20 years in book stores.  She and her husband travel the northwest to be present at their older grand children's swim meets.  Before Christmas they were blessed with two new grand children...little girls born to two of their sons.  I went to grade school and high school with Joni so have known for a long time, about her sweet, caring nature.

4. Kathy down in sunny California is so sweet.  Her journal continues to be an inspiritation to me and others.

5. Linda is married and has a darling grand daughter named Jocelyn.  She loves to have Jocelyn over and they spend time doing fun things that little girls like to do.   I only recently began reading this journal but really enjoy it.  My grand daughter is almost 16, so I don't get to do "little girl" things with her anymore.  Enjoy, these precious times with Jocelyn, Linda and keep sharing them with the rest of us.

6. Barbara in Texas is one special lady.  I'll never forget in January 2007, she sang to me on her singing web site on my birthday.  I've been reading her journal for some time.  We've all shared sad times and happy times with Barbara. She's always there to encourage and uplift when she hears about someone going thru a rough time.

7. Jae lives here in Washington and I've also been reading her journal for sometime, too.  She recently shared with us an incident that will cause us all to guard our debit and credit cards more carefully.  Thank you Jae for the warning.

8. Maria lives just north of me in Seattle.  I love her pictures and tales of adventures in the big city.

9. Leigh in South Wales is only 18 years old but he writes a fanstastic journal, documenting his school events and life in general.  To me he sounds like a young man who loves his family and life in general.

10. Mary Loiuse always cracks me up with her entries. I can so relate to many of her entires.  Thank you for making me laugh;

I'm sorry if I exceeded the limit; I couldn't help myself.     :(


I want to add my own Honorable Mention List.  These people have already have already officially received their "Nice Matters" award but I want you to know how special you are to me.

Sandra in the U.K. the first journal I ever read.

Jeannette also in the U.K.

Monica lives here in the same town as I do.  We actually both worked at the same hospital for awhile.  Thank you Monica for your support to those of us fighting the weight loss battle and for your beautiful pictures.

Jeannette in the U.K. with a Private Journal

Krissy an inspiration to us all.

Robin, an Air Force wife who continues to maintain her sense of humor with each transfer despite packing up, moves across the country and living in a travel trailer with her husband, daughter and the family pooch...Princess while waiting for housing. and here's her photo journal

Val, Krissy's sister.  Always so uplifting and encouraging.  Val took over Krissy's Photo Shoot when Krissy was busy caring for John.  Val you're the greatest sister, ever!  Krissy is blessed to have have in her family.

Marie another journaler in the U.K.  Marie is a professional chef and always shares a tempting recipe and inspiritional thoughts on a daily basis.

Greg in North Carolina, always willing to answer questions and give advice about taking great pictures.

Guido who lives way up north on a Scottish island.  Always there to "Call for support" when someone is hurting, always ready with weather information and so willing to share beautiful pictures of his beautiful island.

Jeanie who also lives in the U.K. is always supportive and leaves such nice comments.

Linda in California who writes of Sons 1, 2 & 3.  Shares beautiful pictures and recently shared the loss of their dear family cat, Kirby.

Betty in southern California recently returned to Journal Land with an encouraging, spiritual journal.  Betty, I mised you while you were away, so glad you're back.

Donna who makes great tags for all you request them.  I haven't got any because I haven't figured out how to use them as yet.

Please forgive me if I missed anyone.  I read so many journals and you are all special in your own unique way.  I treasure you and wish always the best for you in your lives.  Linda


robinngabster said...

I'm NICE AND Special!!!!  Awwwwwwwwwww  right back at ya girl!

pharmolo said...

You're as deserving to get the award as those you're passing them on to - or want to pass them onto. Thanks for the mention :-)

ma24179 said...

Congrats to you and wow! so many picks!!! -Missy

radar446 said...

Congratulations on your recognition...well deserved!  You have a great list...both official and unofficial nominations.  Thanks for the mention!


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((LINDA)))))))))))))))))))Congrats,now thats neat picking more than 5.As I told someone else,everyone deserves the Nice Matters Award.

cayasm said...

Congratulations Linda on your award, and you made great choices I'll be visiting them soon.

Take care


wwfbison said...

You listed quite a few journal I am not familiar with but will pay visits to.  You did a great job passing on your award.....see that shows how nice you really are! ;)

sugarsweet056 said...

You named a lot! LOL
Great choices though! I read most of them too.
Have a good week.

jonibooks1991 said...

Congrats on your receiving this award, you truly do deserve it.  Thank you so much for mentioning my journal, I think I'm supposed to pass it on now right?
A lot of the ones you mentioned would be on mine also, there are so many nice  people in here, what a great community.  Thanks again, Joni

lv2trnscrb said...

great picks you did, Linda; thanks for the honorable mention and CONGRATS on your award!!


fisherkristina said...

Good choices!  Thanks for the honorable mention!  By the way, the award came to JLand by way of me.  I got it from a nonAOL blogger.  You can visit my journal and I will explain it to you, and explain who created the original Nice Matters Award.  She also created an Award for the men shortly after, so that they could have a more masculine looking one!  It is a dog with a top hat on!  You may want to put that in your blog also so that the men have a masculine one.  To check out the origin of the award, check on the link to my blog below.

Krissy :)

breakaway1968 said...

It's almost impossible to remember every journal you read!  What matters is that your there, you comment.. and everyone LOVES comments!  :)  Congrats on your reward :)))  

mariealicejoan said...

Linda you are such a sweet friend.  I know just how you feel.  I read so many journals now and each writer is important to me and becomes a special friend.  I am honoured that you would give me an honorable mention!  Thanks so much!  Off to check out your recommendations now!

jeadie05 said...

Very well deserved   Linda ,and nice picks ,I received mine from Jeannette last week... isnt it hard to choose ? Jan xx

fasttrack58 said...

Congratulations! and thanks for the honorable mention.... and I love how you couldn't stay within the limit... I never can either, lol....
Linda :)

kirkbyj05 said...

How lovely to be 'Mentioned in Dispatches.'
I always enjoy visiting you when I can Linda.  Like most of us I have many journals to visit and read. Its always lovely calling by and catching up on yours.
Jeanie xxx

nightmaremom said...

I think I said congrats..  but forgot to say if you need help with tags yell I will help :)

mastersblynn said...

Thanks Linda I think you are ONE SPECIAL LADY too!  I can always count on you!