Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Evening Quickie

Our dinner at the "mansion" was wonderful.   The hosts were so gracious, the food was wonderful...all in all we had a great evening.  I did take advantage of the elevator because my right knee is really acting up.  In fact I'm here at the house this evening while the rest of them are off to dinner at another home...because it's hurting so bad...I'm moving very slow.  Thankfully, I have Ibuprofen, Tylenol and my knee brace.  I just came into the house to iron a few things and then I need to start packing.  

I'm hearing on the news that a wind & rain storm is supposed to hit the Los Angeles area Monday afternoon.  That's not exactly what I hoped for.  That will make it ugly driving on the freeway & leaving the port. 

I'm not sure if I'll use the computer on the ship, but if not, I'll post another entry Friday afternoon when we get back here to the house.

I hope everyone has a good week, take care....Linda 


justplainbill said...

Linda, good luck with the weather and enjoy the trip. Bill

jonibooks1991 said...

I'm glad your dinner was great, nice about the elevator.  Hope your knee feels better soon, remember ice then heat.  Anyway have a great time, can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get home, with any luck we might be gone by that time.  Joni P.S.  Don't worry about the weather it changes all the time.:)

kaydeejay5449 said...

Glad you had a nice time at the 'mansion'.  Can you imagine dusting a place that big?  They probably have a maid.  Hoping the wind dies down for your departure!!!  It was terrible here today - the wind rocked the house all day.
Take care!  Have FUN.
Hugs, Kathy

breakaway1968 said...

I bet your looking forward to getting back home!  Sounded like tons of fun tho!  

abicequeen said...

Hi Linda,
Well we are home now safe and sound after the Mexican Riviera Cruise.  WHAT an experience.   Unfortunately I got motion sickness which was a surpise as I NEVER get sick...I did my best to enjoy everything but could not eat very much.
I am still feeling a bit quesy even after coming home.
The cruise was more than I could imagine and well worth every penny spent...and boy that would be very easy to do if you are inclined to enjoy your booze.
I was shocked when I went to pick up our tab but forgot the excursions would be on it as well.
We left from the same pier you did I think #93.   Boarding went quite well but coming off took much longer.
Our trip down was long as we had a layover in Vancouver, BC before we got to LA.
The weather was warm and I spent a bit of time on the top deck at the pool but did not want to overdue it as this white skin could burn real easy.
I hope you have as much fun as we did.
The last day in S. Ca. we did the Disneyland trip and of course our grandsons were in 7th. heaven...but so was Nana and Papa.  



PS hopefully I can figure out how to put some of the pictures we took on here.

mariealicejoan said...

Sounds like a lovely night up at the mansion.  Sorry to hear your knee is acting up!  HOpe it settles before your cruise and I am praying that you have good weather to start off with!  I hope you have the trip of a lifetime!

preciousone25 said...

Sorry that we've had some not-so-good weather for you lately, although TODAY was nice... hope you enjoyed it.  Dinner sounds like it was really nice.


mleppard06 said...

hi linda sorry your knee is hurting i hope it is better soon. have a good week take care mrs t xx

ally123130585918 said...

Linda glad your dinner at the "mansion" was so good ~ but sorry about your knee hope by resting it ~ it will feel much better ~ and you can enjoy your cruise ~ Ally x

yakima127 said...

That's too bad about your knee.  Hope it resolves itself enough to allow you a good time!  Although, you are one of those few people who doesn't let anythng spoil your fun.  You just go on and on and on, in spite of a "hitch"!  No pain is going to stop Linda, right???  LOL!  J

pharmolo said...

Sorry to hear your knee is still giving you bother, Linda. Hope the storm is not too severe. Have a great trip!

labdancer51 said...

I do hope your knee feels better soon Linda.  Have a great time on the ship. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

wwfbison said...

Oooh, I hope the knee is feeling better soon!

rjet33 said...

So glad you had a nice time.  Sorry your knee is acting up.  Feel better soon!~



slapinions said...

Enjoy your trip!


jeadie05 said...

Pleased to hear you enjoyed your meal at the mansion lol sorry about your knee ,Have a wonderful time and God Speed Jan xx

lindachapmanuk said...

Glad you enjoyed your meal, but that knee sounds painful!...have a good trip, hope the weathers ok, Linda x x

abicequeen said...

Hi Linda,

Hope your cruise has gone well.  I am now home and trying to get my "legs" back.  Not feeling my old self and going to check it out with the Doc tomorrow evening.



lifes2odd said...

Hi Linda,
I was just popping in to see how you are doing. Looks like I have good timing, I can be the first to say welcome home! Have a safe trip home and be sure to update when you get in tomorrow.
Martha :-)