Monday, May 26, 2008

Adding Insult To Injury

We've reached just over $4 a gallon here in the Seattle-Tacoma area this past weekend.  And to add insult to injury.....gas pumped at several local Shell stations and also a few Safeway Stores apparently contained enough water to cause the vehicles that were filled with this gas to stall out and be in need of costly repairs.  Most people could not even pull out of the gas stations...they were " dead in the water" ~ so to speak.   Tow trucks had to be called and rental cars ordered  so the drivers could get on with their holiday weekend plans or at least get back home.  I heard that at a Shell station not too far from my house the person on duty said, "it's not my fault you're car won't run."  There was an argument by a very frustrated driver, he eventually called 911 and about the time the police arrived, the station manager also arrived on the scene.  The outcome~the station manager said that Shell would cover the towing, rental car and repair of the vehicle.

I hope this is only an isolated issue and doesn't become a wide spread problem.  I'm afraid of the outcome if it were to happen all over the country.  People are already fired up over the rising costs of gasoline and they certainly wouldn't be happy with costly repair bills on top of it. 

The weather here this weekend was somewhat surprising.  Usually Memorial Day weekend means a promise of non-stop rain.  We had one day where it drizzled a little but all in all it's been quite pleasant.  Today I think we topped out right at 70* with a light breeze.   I've got nearly all my bedding plants planted now but at Fred Meyer Garden Center the other day, I found rhubarb starts. So I bought two of them ($1.29 each).  I have to move some bulbs out of a big square planter and I'll put the rhubarb in there.  Or I may just use two more of the recycle bins that I have stacked out behind my shed.  

I did get the 5-shelf storage unit I was looking for.  It's not the same color as the one I already have but it's close.  It also wasn'ton sale but there was a 10% off coupon in the paper I was able to use.  The cashier told me to keep my receipt in my wallet and if it goes on sale in the next 30 days, they'll reimburse the difference.   I've started working in the smaller bedroom where I plan to use it.  I'm running into a lot of stuff that needs to go.  I've started a box for the thrift shop and have listed other items on eBay.

Tomorrow I'll be taking some time off.  Barbara and I are going to see "Indiana Jones."  The parking lot at the theater up the street was totally packed all weekend.  It's a Regal Cinema 15 and they are showing it in 4 of their theaters. I'm thinking that the kids will all be back in school and people will be back to work it shouldn't be too crowded. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe & restful weekend.  Until next time, Linda

Oh my gosh...I just heard a big clap of thunder.  It looks rain may be on the way.


preciousone25 said...

I'm glad that you found the storage unit you were looking for.  Sad about those cars with water in the gas tank.... somewhere local they mixed the diesel and regular tanks.... so everyone got the wrong gas.... what a mess!!


lv2trnscrb said...

I agree, Linda, good day to go to the movie tomorrow with kids in school and people back to work; glad you found your storage unit you were looking for (sort of, LOL)

in answer to your question, I never drank the water from the fountain in Ashland; we would go down to Ashland for the kids to play at Lithia Park, but I don't remember the fountain, LOL; beautiful city it was for sure

that was terrible about the water in the gas; why does a company feel they have to do that? Diesel here is over $5.00 a gallon; it is just soo sad


fasttrack58 said...

People were lined up to see Indiana when we went to the movies but we just walked right in to Iron Man, lol... although about four different people brought very young children/babies... haven't seen that in a while... but I think they spent most of their time in the lobby as they kept leaving as each baby took a turn crying.... Iron Man was really good and Indiana is next on our list....
Back to school and work for us tomorrow...
Enjoy your day out to the movies!
Linda :)

jjdolfin9 said...

Glad you had pleasant weather for the weekend.  We had some bad storms this afternoon but otherwise it's been sunny and in the upper 80's.  What a mess with your gas stations.  I hope it doesn't spread.  We are at 3.89 a gal. here so far.
Hugs, Joyce

mariealicejoan said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful bank holiday Linda.  The petrol prices are very worrying.  Todd filled up yesterday and it cost us £65, which is roughly the equivalent of $130.  That's a lot of money just for petrol, especially when you don't have a lot of money to spend, like us.  It is very worrisome to us, especially as we have a holiday cottage booked up in Cumbria in July and it is some 800 miles away . . . we've paid our money for the cottage and are now wondering how we'll get the money to buy the petrol to get up there.  

mleppard06 said...

hi linda, we had a similar problem with the petrol a couple of years ago, but the fought not to pay for the damage to cars and denied it was their fault until it became obvious it was! the feul prices are a worry we have just bought a new car i am dreading what my fuel bill is going to be, i don;t use alot in a normal week but we also have a holiday booked in august in cornwall i daren't think how much it will cost to fill it up! glad you had a good weekend and found shelf storage you wanted. we had rain alday yesterday...typical...LOL take care mrs t xx

ally123130585918 said...

Linda that is dreadful about water getting in with the Gas ~ glad they took responsibility and are paying for any damage done ~ we had rain all over the holiday weekend ~ glad you managed to get the shelf storage you wanted ~ hope you enjoy the film ~ hope you have a good week ~ Ally x

deshelestraci said...

That cartoon says it all!  What a nightmare with the Shell gas!

kamdghwmw said...

Gas has not hit $4 here yet, but it will with in the next few days. Mt mom lives in Chicage and she said gas is $4.50 a gallon there! We had  nice weekend as well.

monicasmemoirs said...

I hadn't heard that story - how awful.  The other day I took Sonny to get gas for his lawn mower and paid for 2 gallons, the pump clicked off at the 2 gallons yet, gas was still coming out.  I was sitting in the car and eventually asked him what are you doing?  It stopped already!  I think the attendant must of heard me because within seconds of me asking the pump stopped!  I think he got an extra 1/2 gallon of gas.  I should've kept my mouth quiet!!!  If only I had known he was still getting gas.  ::sigh::


wwfbison said...

I hadn't heard about the watered down gas, that is an outrage!  I would have been furious as well.  It surely is a sad state of affairs as of late in our country.
I hope you enjoy the movie, I can't wait to hear what you thought of it.

jonibooks1991 said...

Hope you got to see the movie.  We didn't get any thunder, just cloudy till about 4:00, probably be the same today.  Sounds like you are feeling very industrious, wish I had that feeling.  I did go to workout the last 2 days tough.  Joni