Thursday, May 8, 2008

AOL Cummunity Photo Challenge~Tribute to Mothers

EXTRA Creative Challenge-Tribute to Mothers

This Challenge is a "Tribute to Mothers"  ALL mothers, one mother....any mother...
Could be your sister, if she's a mother....could be your own mother, could be a portrait of yourself as a mother.
ANYTHING GOES, be creative, use whatever you want....quotes, poems.....things your mother always said.....  Stories of your mother, childhood memories....
Only one category this week, "FUN"
You have now till  THURSDAY, May 8th 7PM EST to post your tribute to your mom. Or any mom......  I will post them on Friday.

My Mom~Edythe Irene Smith March 17, 1915 ~ October 8, 1987

Mom, you were one of a kind.  Sweet, gentle, loving, kind... but you didn't put up with any monkey business.  You didn't like my rock & roll music, you hated red fingernail polish but as I grew up you provided me with other music so I'd learn to love it all and you bought me a bottle of nail polish remover. LOL  You sat me at your knee and taught me about my loving Heavenly Father at an early age. You took me to Sunday School and church even when, as a surly teenager I really didn't want to go.  You took care of me when I was sick. You played with me when I was well. You spent your days recuperating from major surgery, sewing (by hand) clothes for a doll you gave me for Christmas.  You got me my first sewing machine & taught me how to use it. You taught me how to embroidery dish towels. You tried to teach me how to cut up a chicken even when I pointed out to you that "some day chickens will be available already cut up."  You taught me how to weed the garden even when you knew I hated it. And when I had to milk Daisy when dad went assured me that she wouldn't kick me. You taught me how to do things around the house, when I wasn't interested.  You didn't get too upset when you said "Linda, clean your room" and all I did was move the stuff from one side to the other (your words). You giggled at the way I could stack the clean dishes in the dish drainer.  You taught me about growing flowers and encouraged me to always have a flower garden no matter what my economic status might be. You said "Flowers even in a small pot are good for the soul." You were patient when I was learning to drive. You were there for me during the most difficult times of my life.  By your example, you taught me how to be a mother...I pray I didn't disappoint you in that area.  You loved me when I was the most unlovable.

Thank you mom for all that you were....I miss you so much. And I thank God for choosing you for my mom.


mariebm56 said...

That was so beautiful...thank you for sharing your mother with us!
Happy Mother's Day, Linda!

robinngabster said...

Wonderful and she is so beautiful!!!!

nightmaremom said...

Great tribute.. love it!

madcobug said...

A lovely tribute and a beautiful picture of Mother and daughter. Helen

rbrown6172 said...

a wonderful tribute for your mom....and the picture of the two of you is so sweet.  you can see and feel the love.  :)

monicasmemoirs said...

Lovely tribute and photograph.  Thanks for sharing.


jlocorriere05 said...

Your mum sounded like a wonderful woman Linda! A great tribute to her and to the many mums like her. Jeannette xx  

specialadyfink said...

What a lovely mother she was.You are very fortunate.Wonderful legacy

kamdghwmw said...

That was so sweet. I don't think I even have a picture of my mom and I. How sad.

mariealicejoan said...

Wonderful tribute to your mom Linda.  I'm sure she's looking down on you and as proud as she can be of you, for you are one fine lady to be sure!  Lovely picture of you and your mom.  What a treasure!

carolelainedodd said...

Awww how beautiful.  Your words and the photo.
You were lucky to have a Mom like that.
Have a great weekend.

sdoscher458 said...

((Linda)) a heartfelt and lovely entry. She sounds like a wonderful Mom, she certainly raised you well with values. I love what you said about her telling you always have a garden...good for the soul, I really believe that too....Happy Mother's Day to you, Sandi

jjdolfin9 said...

What a wonderful entry Linda.  A great tribute to the mother you obviously adored.
Hugs, Joyce

wwfbison said...

Linda this was so lovely and I love the picture.