Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 Air Show at Mc Chord Air Force Base

Well it turned out to be sort of a fiasco.  My son didn't have to work Saturday, so I didn't feel comfortable going to his workplace.  He lives just a few blocks from the Main Gate of the base to he was going to just walk over there.   So since the transit was offering free shuttles onto the base, we went to the Park & Ride to catch the bus.  At the last minute Bob decided he didn't want to go, so he dropped me off, I got on the bus, rode onto the base and then discovered there was about a half a mile walk to where all the action was.  I knew I'd never make it, carrying my purse, a bottle of water and a folding chair as my knee was already hurting.    So I got back on the bus and went back to the park & ride and watched the show from there (along with lots of other folks.)  I even managed to find a shady spot to sit my chair so I wouldn't get sunburned.   I was disappointed because there were a lot of activities on base, that I missed out on by not actually being there.  But I saw the planes.  My pictures from that vantage point are mediocre to say the least (and I was only able to get pictures of the Thunderbirds) but I'll add a few that my grandson took....he and his dad were on base so he was up close & personal with the planes.  

Sunday afternoon, here at home, all of us in the park had the thrill of watching the Thunderbirds again, as they soared low overhead in the process of doing their maneuvers. If you go to their web site you can actually watch a short video of their performance.

Sunday's paper said they estimated 150,000 people came to watch the show.  And during the Thunderbird show, there was traffic stopped along the edge of the freeway and the off ramps with people out of their cars with their eyes to the sky.

Some pictures from my grandson's perspective;

Thank you Harrison.......your pictures are beautiful !!!

Next stop for the Thunderbirds~ Cheyenne, Wyoming


lv2trnscrb said...

glad you got to see some of the show though, Linda! that is a lot of people! when they do the air show here in the San Diego area, its the same thing, people just pull over and watch from their cars on the freeway

your grandson took great pictures!!!


preciousone25 said...

So glad you got to see the show, I've seen the Thunderbirds... they're AMAZING!!!!!!!


jimsulliv3 said...

I always love the airshows. They have them here about once a year.


jlocorriere05 said...

You'd think the park and ride would have taken you closer, sorry it was too far for you to walk. The photos you and Harrison took were great, and Mt Rainier always looks so mystical and majestic! Jeannette xx  

abicequeen said...

Morning Linda,

Well those pictures are amasing...I know my Chuckie could empathise with you on having the pain from walking although he recently saw a type of Dr. I can not spell and one thing she mentioned was for him to get a lift for his one shoe as he leg was shorter..NOW can you believe NO ONE has ever mentioned this before  Not that this will cure anything but he said even that little step made him feel better.
Well it is VERY early here and I am awake so off I go for my walk.
Got some more papers for our trip and get very excited..

Blessings today and always..


swmpgrly said...

its a thrill to watch an air show, but the noise isnt so nice.

jjdolfin9 said...

Aren't they amazing.  Sorry you couldn't get closer, but it looks like you saw quite a bit.
Hugs, Joyce

kamdghwmw said...

My husband and son go to the air shows all the time! About every two years I have to go with them and act like I care! Standing around in the hot sun and looking up all day is not for me.

ally123130585918 said...

Loved the pictures Linda ~ sorry you couldn't walk and had to get back on the bus ~ glad you found a shady spot and got to see the planes though ~ Ally x

dbdacoba said...

Sorry you couldn't get up close, but a long walk with a load isn't fun.  It must have been disappointing, but you did get to see some amazing sights.  And the pictures are excellent.  Thank you.          

91 degrees here at 1 p.m.                       D

fasttrack58 said...

Linda :)

mleppard06 said...

great pics linda sorry you didn't get on the base to see close up. we had our heliday this weekend, lots of helicopters and there was supposed to be planes too but were cancelled. Not as good as my childhood, they were amazing then. take care mrs t xx

ng2000news said...

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