Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Movie Extra's

I got a call from Bob's daughter, Hope, down in California this morning.  They had a full day on the set yesterday.  This is a small, private film that will end up at the Sundance Film Festival first...hopefully it will then be picked up by Warner Brothers or one of the big studios.

Yesterday Bob's grand kids, Emil & Nina danced together most of the day for a senior prom scene.  Even during the earthquake...they danced. Hope said the gym at the high school where they are shooting the film (Valencia, CA) was decorated and included a crystal ball hanging from the ceiling.  After the quake she warned the kids to stay away from the crystal ball.

They all were introduced to Hillary Duff and Chevy Chase.  Yes, Chevy Chase was there too, Hope is not quite sure what his role is.  Today, they are filming a graduation scene so Hope is dressed like she's a parent of a graduate attending the ceremony and the kids will be in caps & gowns.

Western Washington like California is situated over some big "faults" in our earth.  We've had some major earthquakes here too.  I remember the first one I ever felt, back in the late 1940's and I was home from school sick that day.  My mom was outside hanging up clothes when it hit.  I was playing on the living room floor and heard this awful sound, I happened to look up and the ceiling light was swaying back & forth.  Mom came running into the house and grabbed me and got me out of the house into the back yard.   The last one I felt was on February 28, 2001. It was a 6.8 in magnitude and lasted about 45 seconds.  However, over 250 people were injured from falling debris and objects.  I was at work and it sounded like a freight train was head our way....and then the building started rolling like you were on a boat out on the ocean. It was really scary....I did a very stupid thing~I grabbed my purse and went out of the building.  That building was above a parking garage and the concrete stairs I ran down, could have collapsed into that garage.  But at the time, that was my first impulse. That quake knocked out the phone lines, so we couldn't the boss ordered pizza and we took advantage of the downtime to do some cleaning.   On the west coast it's not a matter of "will we have the BIG one" but "when will we have the BIG one."  I understand that there are small quakes occuring almost daily that we don't ever feel.

The sun is shining here today (at least right now) so I'm not sure if the paving project is continuing today or not.  I do have to make a trek up to the park office to pay my $3 so I can participate in the sale so will see what's going on, if anything.   The $3 is to help pay for the advertising in local newspapers to bring in the crowds.   My only concern about the sale date being changed is that the crowds are always bigger on the first of the month when lots of people get paid.  But it can't be helped, so we just have to hope that come August 8th & 9th people still have a few dollars in their pockets.  I plan on putting my own ad on Craig's List and a couple other such web sites we have here in the area.

Well that's all for now....hope everyone is having a happy hump day.




wwfbison said...

Oh how exciting for Hope & family with the movie, heck, who cares if it is an indie..I love watching indie movies.  I would have ran out of the building too, flight response is hard to control.  I hope you never experience "the big one".

oddb0dkins said...

You know, we might moan about our terrible English weather over here but when I hear of all these quakes you go through in the States I kinda get to liking it here in the UK just a little more. No offence. ;O)

Be safe.

B. x

gitterdunna said...

Good thing I am checking on everyone cause alerts are not working STILL for me.  The movie sounds so interesting. The earthquakes are just scarry!! Hoping they calm down:).........alice

jlocorriere05 said...

Earthquakes sound really scary! I'm glad we don't have major ones here! I'm glad the filming is going well, I'm sure they're all enjoying the experience. Jeannette xx  

jimsulliv3 said...

If Bob and Hope were introduced to Bob Hope, it would go, Bob Hope, meet Bob and Hope." Ah, split personalities.

I'm glad I made today's post timely for you. Watch out for moving buldings.


monicasmemoirs said...

I HAD a comment until I read the comment below!  I could just see it.

I've lived through some bad earthquakes - the last was the big one in SF when the bridge collapsed. I remember calling my mom in Florida and telling her I wanted to go 'home' and she gently reminded me that I was "home".  


lv2trnscrb said...

how fun with Bob's daughter and grandkids getting to work on that movie set! such an experience!!

you have been in some really big quakes too!!! California gets so much attention about earthquakes, but you are right, they are all over this coast.

good idea to advertise the sale on CraigsList; that is one of my favorite sites to check things out


mariealicejoan said...

I am so out of the loop, I didn't even realize there had been an earthquake in CA yesterday!  Sounds like the family is having fun working in a film.  How exciting for you all!  You should see my corn now Linda.  It is almost as tall as I am and has sprouted all those little feathery things at the top!  I can't wait!

fasttrack58 said...

Chevy Chase!! Very cool!!
Linda :)

lanurseprn said...

Glad you didn't get hurt when you ran outside during that quake.