Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks to Nancy !

Nancy at "Nancyluvspix" has graciously promised to email me after the last show of "America's Got Talent."  My son is going to record "The Office" for me while I'm gone, so I've got all my TV bases covered.  I usually watch "Dancing with the Stars" too but I will see where they are after I get home.

I went to a movie this afternoon after all.   Barbara & I talked about it yesterday and decided to skip it this week.  But around noon I got the urge to go...so hurried just up the street to see "The Women."   It was ok!  

I was pleased to see that they've made a movie out of the book "The Secret Life of Bees."   I've read the book and it's a great story.  I can't remember all of the cast members but Queen Latifa is one of the main characters.  It should be good.   If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it. 

My brother and I are going to Olympia this evening to meet our cousin & his wife for dinner. They are visiting there from Utah.  He had a high school class reunion this last weekend in Sunnyside, WA and he and his wife are working their way back home.  So it will be fun to see them for a couple hours.

Another beautiful day here in western Washington.  I think it's in the high 70's maybe even 80*.  They were predicting rain starting Thursday but now say it will be dry until next week. (We'll see!)  

I got the ironing board & iron out today...was going to start ironing clothes for the upcoming vacation.  Well, so I got distracted by the thought of going to a movie~it will still be there tomorrow.  



dazzledor said...

Hi Linda,
    I hope you are enjoying yourself and your family at dinner this evening.
    The Pacific Northwest does indeed sound beautiful.  I've recently moved to Florida from Long Island in a hasty decision and I cannot adjust; I do not want to adjust.  I am homesick.  Better days are coming...Love, Doreen

domsmom27 said...

If I don't get back to your Journal,  have a good vacation.
I thought Americas Got Talent was on tonite, Tuesday, but I guess not.  Hmmmmm, shouldn't it be America HAS talent?
(just thinking out loud.                     Marlene

luvrte66 said...

Sounds like a busy few days before you head out on your fabulous road trip...which sounds like it might be a dry one, by the way!! <fingers crossed>

I can hardly wait for "The Office." We also love "Third Rock!"

Hugs, Beth

linnpooh said...

Have a great vacation Linda! I know what you mean about taping shows....I can't miss any when I'm gone LOLOLOL! I don't watch any reality shows, but I'm sooooooo ready for all the dramas to start back up. Bring em on!!!  :)

Pooh Hugs,

buckoclown said...

Glad you got your bases covered :o)

lv2trnscrb said...

WTG to Nancy for coming through! I don't follow that show :(

I liked that book; Secret Life of Bees; I didn't realize that movie was made from that book; I'll have to check it out

our weather is nice down here; a little warm today; but cooling off into the low 80s (I'm more inland now); hoping it will hold for when you guys are down here


girlinacottage said...

Hey I was hoping to see The Women too. I love Meg Ryan movies usually. By the way, Gabby is gorgeous!  Love, Becky

jjdolfin9 said...

I'm looking forward to seeing The Women when NetFlex gets around to sending it to me.  Great cast.  I used to watch Dancing With the Stars but it got kinda old to me.  I'm a Survivor fan myself.  lol.
Hugs, Joyce

nhd106 said...

Awww....thanks for the thanks!    You're more than welcome.  I can't let down a fellow AGT fan now can I?

Have a wonderful trip, btw!  (I'll be in touch)

; )

jeanno43 said...

Glad that you have got it all sorted.


wwfbison said...

I hadn't heard of "The Women"...I need to get out more! LOL.  Glad you will be kept abreast of AGT.

fowfies said...

Have a nice visit with yalls cousin and wife. It is overcast here, but hopefully supposed to clear off and be nice today. Hugs, Kelly

kaydeejay5449 said...

I loved, The Secret Lives of Bees, and I hope the movie does it justice.  I would say it is one of my all time favorite books.

Glad you have your TV bases covered.  LOL....  Your son is great to do that for you.

Take good care!
Hugs, Kathy

ally123130585918 said...

Linda glad you have everything covered whilst you are away ~ hope your brother and you had a nice evening with your cousin and his wife ~ it is lovely to catch up with family ~ Ally x

mleppard06 said...

hi linda, sorry I haven't been around recently. Have a wonderful trip. take care mrs t xx

fasttrack58 said...

I read The Secret Life of Bees.... Great story!!!
Linda :)

fisherkristina said...

I love Dancing With The Stars.

Krissy :)