Monday, October 13, 2008

Parts of southern California are on fire~

We heard right away this morning that parts of southern California were on fire.  I knew the Santa Ana winds had picked up so all it takes is a discarded cigarette to start the fires in this very dry area.  Right here where we are, we're ok.  But we can see smoke in the distance and as we made our way around in the car today, they kept breaking into the broadcasting to warn of certain parts of the different freeways being closed because the fires were right down along the highway.  Right at this time, the wind has died down but they are expected to pick up again tonight.  Wind gusts of 60 to 70 miles an hour are forecasted for later.  They do such a great job of warning the residents of the different areas of the approaching fire danger.  There's been on going covereage on the television and radio all day. 

One of the things I saw on the TV this morning was the battering that Catalina Island was getting....caused by the high winds and the surf.  The bulkhead and beach area at Avalon, where we were just visiting a couple weeks ago was really getting blasted by the surf.

Bob and I took off this morning and he took me to Hope's doctor.  He said I still have some crackling sounds in my lungs but  no elevated temperature and my ears are fine. He sold me an Albuterol inhaler so I think that well really help with my breathing. 

After that we ventured over to Baldwin Park to the In-N-Out Company Store.  It was so fun to buy a few things there and then cross the parking lot and have some lunch.  From there we came back into Pasadena and visited The Container Store.  Wow, what a place that is !  That store has everything you can imagine in the way of containers & storage items. 

Bob woke up feeling miserable this morning~probably has the start of what I have. But he was a good sport and drove me around....he's now taking a nap. 

Still not sure when we're heading home but it will be in the next few days...until next time, Linda


lv2trnscrb said...

stay safe Linda; no fires close to us (yet) hopefully none will happen


buckoclown said...

So sorry about your medical conditions.  Being sick on vacation just sucks!

jjdolfin9 said...

What a drag to be sick on vacation Linda.  I hope you had a good time anyway and hurry home so you can start your Blogger.  You are the last one that I follow that is still on AOL.  I'm sure there are other's in your same circumstance though.
Feel better and I hope Bob doesn't get it too.
Hugs, Joyce

luvrte66 said...

Hope you guys stay safe, and get healthy!


garnett109 said...

glad to hear you are breathing better

wwfbison said...

Glad to hear you are starting to feel a little better, I hope you make it home before Bob gets sick.  Take care & travel safe.

sdoscher458 said...

Oh glad you are feeling better, hope Bob gets over it really quick. I have asmtha so I know how it is to not be able to breathe right...I'm on abulterol too. Be careful around the fires too, it's very disturbing to your lungs to be in that vicinity. I find that certain things just take my breath I'm very careful about my surroundings.  Hope things go easy for you when you get home to switch over your, Sandi

mariealicejoan said...

Stay safe Linda!  I hope Bob feels better soon.

fowfies said...

I hate to hear both of you are sick while on vacation, thats the pits. I have seen The Container Store before but never been into one. Stay away from those fires and see you when you get home. :) Love, Kelly

jeadie05 said...

Hope you both feel better soon ,and dont get involved with those fires safe journey home Jan xx

treesrgreen78 said...

Hope you both start to feel better, Linda.  Have a safe journey home.  If the smoke from the fires get too close that can also effect your breathing badly.  Take care and God bless.