Monday, November 10, 2008

FINALLY !!!!!!!!!

I was finally able to get an entry done~the first installment of our recent road trip. I know one was sure easier to add pictures on our former Blog (journal) site than it is here. Very time consuming for sure. But I will not gripe too much for fear this one will disappear too. I hope you will sign on as a follower and I will do my best to get cracking on this Blog.

Remember tomorrow is a there's no mail & no banking, because all those people will have a day off. I've been waiting for some payments for some eBay items I sold over the weekend, so if these people pay this evening (as promised) their packages won't be on the way until Wednesday.

That's all for now...hope everyone had a good weekend.

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Sugar said...

glad you got the comments up & running again. :)

Linda said...

Your blog is so cute, I love this background! I agree about putting pictures in, it's a PAIN...but can't wait to see yours...hehehe ;)

Pooh Hugs,