Friday, November 7, 2008

Movie Recomendation

I took a little break today and went to see a movie. I had read the book a couple years ago and loved off I went at noon to see "The Secret Life of Bees." It stars Queen Latifa, Alicia Keyes, Jennifer Hudson and little Dakota Fanning. It was wonderful......just as good as the book. I recommend that you see it if you can.

There seems to be a break in our rainfall. There's been so much damage done already. Busy city streets have become lakes, rivers are overflowing their banks (fish are actually swimming across flooded roads), there's mud slides, accidents on the freeway because of poor visibility during the heaviest downpours and loss of life. This morning, a 16 year old lost control of her car in a deluge and went off the road into the Green River, in Auburn, Washington. There was a 14 yr old and a 2 yr old in the car with her and when I left for the movie rescue crews were frantically searing for these two dear ones. The news people were saying the 16 year old, who managed to escape the car & swim to shore was inconsolable.

My poor neighbor was on his roof at 2am this morning spreading a blue tarp, trying to stop the water pouring into his house. This poor guy bought that mobile home from the park several years ago. A mobile home that was not put together correctly when it was moved in here. He's had nothing but trouble with it from day one. And of course he can't even sell it until everything is A-Ok. Have you ever seen the movie "The Money Pit?" Well, that's what he's got there. I did tell him next time he does something like that, he should at least call me & let me that if he falls I can call 911 and get him so help.

The only redeeming thing about all this rain is that it's not cold. It was about 64* earlier. So I'm thankful it's rain and not snow. They say it's going to continue for another 4 or 5 days~I hope there are no more tragedies because of it.

The neighbor on the other side of me has a huge amount of apples falling on the ground and they are doing nothing with them. I'm going over and see if I can take some of them off their hands. Remember the recipe I posted for Crock Pot Apple Butter ? I think there's some coming in the next couple days.

Until next time, Linda


Beth said...

I saw on the news today about all the flooding out there. Be safe! So sad about the teenager who went off the road.


Robin said...

Hey it sure looks purty over here!!! Love your background and your about me section picture!!!

Monica said...

It was nice to get some of the warmer temps, I only needed a sweater today, no blankets wrapped around me today. :-)

That movie was on my to see list. I haven't had a chance to see a movie in a while.

By the way, not sure if you would be interested or not but, there is a movie group that meets up and goes to movies together. I keep thinking I will join the group but I haven't had time for movies. I know a lady in the group and she's always talking about the different movies she saw with the group.


Lori J said...

Evening Linda, I have not seen the weather from WA. Sounds like it was not a good scene.
We have had it decent here but very cool in the am.
Hope you had a great day.


Kathy said...

I'm looking forward to that movie. And hoping I go to see it Sunday evening.

Marie said...

I read and enjoyed the book as well. I will have to go see the movie when it comes here, on your recommendation. :-)

a corgi said...

I read that book too "Secret Life of Bees"; glad to hear you got a chance to see the movie! I think Dakota Fanning is so cute and acts great too!

so sorry to hear about all that flooding; how sad about the 16 y/o/family; what a tragic event for sure

stay warm and dry


Kathy said...

Thanks for the movie review. I loved the book and was afraid the movie would disappoint. I'll make sure to go see it.
Hugs, Kathy

Marlene said...

Hi Linda, Welcome back. Sorry about all the rain and flooding. There was a story on the news here about whales in Washington State. Seems there are 7 whales that have dissapeared. They think they starved from lack of salmon due to overfishing. Will we ever learn?

Linda :) said...

I can't wait to see The Secret Life of Bees... It was sprinkling here earlier but not even enough to get the ground wet.....
Have a blessed Sunday!