Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brrrrrr It's Still Cold

Well, our snow & ice remains. Yesterday we didn't have snow but the temperature didn't get much over freezing. Maybe 35* at the highest. Some of the stuff melted and then last night when the temps dropped again it all froze. We tried going to the grocery store yesterday afternoon~what a nightmare ! The parking lots are all such a mess, no one has had them scooped. Cars were stuck, others were slipping & sliding and spinning out. Bob finally maneuvered my car out of there & we left. We decided to go back last night about 7pm. Meanwhile I'd talked to my son-in-law and he needed to go to the store too. He wasn't able to get their car out yesterday morning to go to work, so we went by & picked him up. Thankfully most people were home by this time so we were able to find a parking spot (at least we think it was a spot~no lines were visible). Then I was in for another shock once I got inside the store......in some cases the shelves were bare. I was able to find everything I needed but I'm sure others were disappointed. For instance there were no eggs....not even a broken one. The gal that checked us out said they hadn't had any deliveries for days. Fred Meyer's warehouse is in Chehalis, WA which is south of us on Interstate 5 and that area has been hit hard by the weather too.

Our plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day include traveling to Enumclaw, WA which is about 35 miles north east of here. Our plans are to take the truck & camper and camp out there at the home of one of his daughter's (he has 4 so it's hard to keep them straight sometimes). We're invited to the home of daughter #2 on Christmas Eve and daughter #4 on Christmas Day. Of course his daughter #3 & her family ( from Pasadena, CA)are already up there with her mom and grandma. And we are hearing that his daughter #1 and her daughter will be at daughter #4's house on Christmas Day too. BUT.....now we're hearing that the snow is supposed to start again tonight or Wednesday morning and continue for several days. The weather is always worse in Enumclaw than here and it's up hill all the way to get there. So, we will take a wait and see attitude on these plans. I have made arrangements for Princess Gabi to spend Christmas with my grand daughter in case we are able to go.

Yesterday I made a batch of peanut butter fudge and today I'm going to make a batch of the fantasy fudge with chocolate chips & marshmallow creme. I'm going to be dividing it up between some neighbors & some to my daughter and family. Well, I might eat a piece or two.....

Ok, I'm out of here for now ~ I need to get busy around here. Hope you are all having a good day, completing those last minute details. Until next time..linda


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Unusual weather. I feel bad for those stranded at the airport, mostly due to not having enough antifreeze spray. They said on NPR that snow everyday through Saturday. Stay Safe :o)

sober white women said...

Be safe out there. For now it is nice here, and I have the windows open, but we are going to get another winter storm soon. BRRR

garnett109 said...

Love the Fudge!
Peace To All
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Sugar said...

weird weather all over!
if you get to go, be safe!
praying for warmth for those needing it, & for safety for those traveling or getting out on the ice.
will say a little prayer for you too. {{}}
waiting on my batch of fudge, i love the stuff. LOL.
have a great Christmas my friend.

Julie said...

Sounds simply dreadful there. Thankfully nothing much slows down here as we are all equipped for large snows and bad weather, but towns and cities who don't get it much are really suffering. Hope you don't get anymore snow.

Monica said...

Last night I had to drive to St Clair to pick up my daughter from work. She was afraid to drive. Anyway, as I was getting on I-5 a car starting spinning out of control in front of me when he black ice. I was praying let me stop in time! I did, whew. But, I was shaken. The idiot got turned around and speed off and then a few exits away I see him in the ditch. He didn't learn! Then later as were exiting the freeway for home, a guy behind me hit black ice and spun once before hitting the sound wall. I was thinking he would slow down when/IF he had seen my tail end swig and swag in the ice. But, he didn't he went full speed.

What I'm hating now is all the slushy stuff and of course parking is difficult because you don't know where the parking spots are and everyone is just parking where they please!

I still have to go out tonight and do a little shopping - I got some unexpected Christmas money so I can get some gifts .. talk about in the nick of time!

Stay warm and safe!


Lisa said...

The weather is surely being mean to you guys out there. Too bad it has to happen during the busiest time of the year. Please travel safely if you go. Did I understand you would be staying in the camper? Brrrrr....that just sounds cold to me!

Merry Christmas!

a corgi said...

you guys just can't seem to get a break! this will be a Christmas to remember for sure!! stay safe out there and watch out for the ice; that's worse than anything else!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas Linda no matter where you spend it! I hope you get to continue on with the plans you have made though

all your baking sounds delicious


Joan said...

Hope you manage to get to your destination for Christmas. We have had to cancel our day out as everybody is down with flu except hubby and me. Love Joan