Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Sidenotes

It's Sunday, the weekend is almost over for those that work & go to school. Our heavy rain has stopped...but we're still have intermittent showers. Interstate 5 that was closed south of here, opened up Friday afternoon. I understand hundreds of semi truck were waiting in line at both ends of the closure. For over 48 hours they had to just sit & wait it out. Still this morning, there are many rivers in flood stage thru out western Washington.

The warm temperatures we experienced down here in the lowland, turned the snow to rain in the mountains too, so besides heavy rain~the snow pak began to melt, causing the rivers to run wild and overflowing right from the source. Those conditions also caused numerous avalanches , with hillsides coming down on highways, and cabins and other buildings sliding off their foundations. The two pictures below were sent to me in an email. So I'm not sure of their source. Snoqualmie Falls is up near the summit of Snoqualmie Pass (Interstate-90). Even during normal weather the 268 foot fall on the Snoqualmie River is a breath taking sight to over a million visitors each year.

But when the rain is falling & the warm temperatures cause the snow to start melting, the results are amazing when you view the torrent of water going over the fall.They showed Snoqualmie Falls many times on the news last week, so I can assure you....this is what it really looked like.

I had a great post birthday lunch yesterday with my son and his girlfriend. They took me to Mazatlan and we all had a yummy Mexican meal. I don't know what I was thinking~I took pictures of our food but not of Jim & Jeralyn who were sitting across from me. (Weird I know)

Below is mine, 2 chicken enchiladas, whole beans & rice.

This was Jearalyn's~I'm not sure what it was but I remember it was #11 on the lunch menu. She said it was verrrrrrry good !! And this was Jim's~2 enchiladas, one chicken, one beef, with refried beans & rice. And lot's of cheese. I always ask "easy on the cheese, please."
And finally~ oh this is a sleeping kitty. LOL ! She had her nose in her blanket when I left the house so I got my camera out & took a picture of her as I was leaving.
Bob and his California daughter were going to head south Saturday morning but since the highway was closed, they decided to wait until this morning. Friday we were not positive if the highway would open at all this weekend but then they opened it Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, both of them made plans for Saturday so Sunday morning was set for "blast off." She got here a little after 7am this morning and they put his stuff in the vehicle and were pulling out of the driveway at 7:30am. He had flu like symptoms during the night, so left with some plastic bags and a coke. You know that flat coke is very good for an upset stomach...even my pediatrician ordered it for my kids when they were little and sick to their stomach. I gave him 2 of those large red plastic cups and as Hope was pulling out of the driveway, he had opened the Coke and was pouring it back & forth to get the fizz out of it. A friend of Hope's mom was riding along as far as Redding, CA. So there will be 3 of them to chatter as they drive along today. If the weather cooperates they could get to Redding very late tonight. But if Siskiyou Pass (northern California) is bad, they'll be stuck in Medford or Ashland, Oregon tonight.
Well, I guess that's all the news from here for now. I hope you all have had a good weekend and are ready for a new week. Until next time, Linda
You can see more information and pictures about the flooding here in Washington at;


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Wow, that is quite a difference between normal and rainy season at the falls.

Your food pictures make me hungry for mexican food :o)

garnett109 said...

great pics of the falls

ADB said...

Enjoy your Sunday, Linda.

Julie said...

I thought that was funny, taking pictures of the food and not the family, I would have done the same thing. The falls pictures were awesome. I would have loved to get shots of those.

Trees said...

Hi Linda, I have not been well so have not visited your journal for awhile. I wish to thank you for your xmas card and lovely book. I love the pics of the ship and the boats and the food for your after birthday meal. I will catch up on your entries as I always thoroughly enjoy them. I hope Bob, Hope and their friend has a safe trip back to California, I know the roads can be quite treacherous with rain and snow.

michele said...

Great pics of the food, i took pics of the tea tray we had on our anniversay trip, i also took one of the loos!!! It was a bit posh to do the evening meal, wish I had it was amazing! Just like that waterfall...amazing!! All the best for 2009 sorry i haven't been around for a while. mrs t xx

a corgi said...

that was impressive the 2 different pictures of the falls! so much rain/snow you guys have gotten already this year and January is barely a third over

looks like delicious food at that restaurant! I bet it was an enjoyable time with your son/his girlfriend

what a sweet picture of Gabi; she looks so peaceful there!!

well if Bob gets down here to So. Calif. in the next few days it should be nice and warm here :) (85 and sunny as I type this)

my mom always gave us flat coke and 7-up when we had the flu or upset stomach, that and saltines when our tummies started feeling better


Lisa said...

That photograph of the falls is impressive, my gosh! I hope Bob has safe travelling and his flu gets under control for him. Looks like you had a good lunch!

Gabi is so cute, I love her little face!

nancy said...

Wow LInda looks you got yourself some good enchiladas.mmmmmmmm I do miss having a descent mexican foods.The area I lives in closed Chi-Chi's restaurant. I thought they'll last because everybody loves taco and etc. Then they closed chili's as well.So have a good week! Nancy

Beth said...

I love the header pic of Gabi!!

The falls are gorgeous, and I totally believe that the difference is that great between rainy and non-rainy seasons.

Do you think people are starting to get used to those of us that carry cameras most of the time and take pictures of almost everything?

Real Coke (not diet) is one of the best things I've ever used to settle my stomach. I don't even have to make it flat, just a few ounces of sweet Coke can settle my tummy when I have indigestion. I'm not sure what is in it that does that, but it sure works for me!

Stay safe...and dry!

Hugs, Beth

Maria said...

Hi, LInda! Happy belated birthday! Maria

Robin said...