Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today is her 42nd birthday. Please stop by and leave your birthday wishes to a sweet lady. She's been talking about her birthday for months, so we can't let it go by unnoticed. You can find Robin at;


Joann said...

Thanks, Linda!!! Going over there now!!!

DB said...

Thanks Linda, I just sent that girl some good wishes. D

Jimmy's Journal said...

I sent her an email and I'll stop by now. You forgot to metion the weather. BTW, thanks for the packet you sent me - very interesting.


a corgi said...

love your tulips, Linda; so spring-like!

been over there already to wish the Birthday Girl a very happy day

this was sweet of you to do :)


nancy said...

what a nice thing you did. Make someone day. I went over and left a comment.Nancy

Robin said...

Awww thanks! How did you remember it was my bday! Hardy har har!!! It's been a great day with lots of fun and lots of love from special friends like you! xoxo