Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello from Washington

Our weather has been so weird the past week. Some days have been dreary, one morning we woke to snow, and then Friday it was absolutely sunny and beautiful. Today it's dreary and cold again. The temperatures continue to drop to freezing or below almost every night. Friday I wanted to take a drive out to our Point Defiance Park and make a squished penny for Robin's daughter, Gabby. It was a beautiful day and would have loved to visit the entire Zoo & Aquarium but by the time we got there it was almost 3pm and the place closed at 4pm. So seeing the animals, etc will have to wait for another day.

this pagoda style building is on the main road just after you enter the park.
this is the newest entrance to the zoo and aquarium~very different from when I was a kid or even when my kids were kids. You can actually see Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains in the background.

Our next stop was at a friend of Bob's. They recently acquired a Basset Hound puppy. They've had Basset's before and are thrilled with 8 week old Susie. She is really a cutie~little short legs and long soft ears.

And last but not least we stopped on the street behind the Russ Dunmire Oldsmobile building. It's empty now and the sign has been removed from the front of the building but I discovered it was still across the back. Oldsmobiles, of course are a thing of the past but they switched over to Mazda's and have moved to a newer more modern building. I worked here from September 1964 thru April of 1968 as their Parts & Service cashier. It was a great place to work and I'm still friends with a couple of the other gals that worked in the office.

I was happy to get a squished penny for Gabby. I started getting them for my son in law when I found out he had a collection. And now I'm hooked on them, too. I know I had some when I was a kid but of course I have no clue what happened to them. I have a Penny Collector Book that's almost full. And will begin to look for them at yard sales, etc. The one below, I got in Alaska in 2007.
Bob has been talking about going to Sandpoint, Idaho to ski at Scheitzer Mountain but he's been getting some skiing in locally so I don't think we'll be going there at this point. I'd rather wait until the winter weather is over and head east to Yellowstone and maybe even Mt Rushmore. I've never been to either place and think it would be great fun. For now, I'm content to just stay home and get some things done around the house. Although I do wish it would warm up just a little.

This coming Monday, I'm hosting another potluck up at the Clubhouse for the gals from my high school graduating class. I'm really looking forward to getting together again. Several are snowbirds and are in Arizona, so they won't be able to attend but we can have another one when they get home in a couple months.
That's about all for now...I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Until next time, Linda


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

What a cute puppie :o)

just me said...

loved all your pictures. Makayla would fall in love with the puppy.
I started collecting squished pennies on our honeymoon.
It has been cold at night here but the days have been nice, It would have been really nice tuesday if the wind hadn't been blowind so hard.

a corgi said...

you'll love Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore Linda! I hope you can make trips to both of them some time soon!

that puppy was cute (but not as cute as Koda)

enjoyed the other pictures too!

I can send you squishy pennies from places if you want as I come across interesting sites here; it would be fun to do!

hope your potluck goes well


Joann said...

I LOVE THE PUPPY!! What a cutie!! I think I recently threw away some squished pennys, sorry, didn't really know anybody collected those.... If I find anymore, I'll save them for you!!

Marie said...

I used to have a squished penny with the Lord's prayer on it when I was a child. It had a chain on it and my mother would let me wear it on special occasions. I wonder what ever happened to it!

Jan said...

I have to admitt I have never heard of Squishy pennys ,what fun ,yes isnt Susie gorgeous ?those dear little legs lol Have fun tomorrow Jan xx

Julie said...

I started to collect the squished pennies my last vacation. Not everyplace sells them so I am always on the lookout. The puppy is so cute.

Beth said...

The blue of that sky is just gorgeous. Too bad it's so chilly!

Lisa said...

The puppy is just adorable, I wanted to squeeze him!! I don't blame you for wanting to wait until the weather breaks to take another trip. I hope your potluck goes well.

Linda :) said...

I learned how to drive in an Oldsmoble Cutlass.... :)

Robin said...

Did I ever tell you I have been to Point Definace? Yep! Years and years ago...I had a friend who's family lived in Tacoma and when she took me home to meet them we went to PD. Love the looks so pretty.