Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday is Movie Day

Tuesday is the normal 'go to the movie day' for my friend Barbara and myself. We are both looking forward to tomorrow....we'll be seeing the new Tyler Perry movie "Madea Goes To Jail." I love Tyler Perry and I love his movies. A friend of mine has already seen it and she said "be prepared to laugh yourself silly." I'm prepared !


garnett109 said...

I don't go to movies anymore but always try to rent the good ones when they come out

sober white women said...

I so want to see this one, but I will wait for to come out on dvd. I just love Madea! The girls sa that is how I am going to be when I am old. Hell, why wait for then! LOL

Lori J said...

Dearest Linda, Well there I go again on another planet..I have NEVER heard of this movie.

Love Lori

a corgi said...

my son saw it this past weekend and said it was good!!!



HalfCrazy said...

Haven't watched this but have fun to 'laugh yourself silly'! :)

Much Love,

Lisa said...

I have seen the advertisements for this and wasn't sure about it - I'll wait for your official review!!