Friday, April 10, 2009

My Project for 2009

About 25 years ago I made one of these soft dolls for each of my three nieces for Christmas. Each doll had different colored yarn hair, one brown, one yellow and one had red. Well, I'm happy to report those dolls have survived and one of them has re-appeared, being carried around by my oldest niece's daughter. I also made one for my grand daughter when she was little. Anyway, I finally found this pattern and my plan is to make three more between now and Christmas for my three great nieces who will be 3, 6 & 7 by December. I'm happy that any 18 inch doll clothes will fit them because I don't know how many sets of clothes I'll get made.

So Becky, if you're reading this.....hopefully I'll have them made by December and your doll can be put away, for good. I just have to check & see what color hair yours has so I can make a different one for Callie.

It's sort of overcast with occasional showers and about 48* here today. I understand a storm with wind & rain is heading our way & will no doubt make Easter Sunday most miserable.

Until next time, Linda


nancy said...

Linda that is so cool. I got a Reggady Ann doll that big. I don't know how they got srtiped legs but it must be a kit. Those doll seems the same as the one I got. Yes,Linda, I still have it put away.Someday I will put it on the blog. My mom still have my sisters cheerleading patterns by Simplicity and the clothes for Barbie dolls. Thanks for sharing and take care..Nancy

sober white women said...

that is such an awesome idea! I have not made dolls in a very long time.

garnett109 said...

Have a happy easter

Joyce said...

That is so nice. Those are the things that will be treasured long after you and I are gone. Good for you.
Hugs, Joyce

Monica said...

I had a doll that my aunt made that I carried and kept for many years. During one of our moves (with my Mr Big X) it became "lost". Many things of value to me became "Lost" during a move.

Anyway, I'm positive they will LOVE the dolls. :-)

Have a Happy Easter. Rain huh? Lovely.


Marie said...

One year about 30 years ago or so I made all my neices Holly Hobby dolls. They were lovely. I wish I still had the pattern. I know your neiced must have cherished these dolls as your great neices will! Lucky girls!

Marlene said...

Hi Linda, My mother used to make those dolls. I remember the looong needle that she used to use to attach the legs and arms to the body. Sure brings back memorys.

Barb said...

My mom used to make dolls. I am unfortunately not much of seamstress. I did, however crochet many many dresses and other clothes for my daughter's collection of "Cabbage Patch Kids". LOL
Hugs from a very cool morning in West TX, Barb

Kelly said...

Those dolls will be very special being made by you, and treasured like the old one that was found and still around today. :) I had a Smoo when I was you know what a Smoo is?

Kelly said...

Well I just looked up Smoo, googled it, and didnt come up with what I expected. It was a simple doll Mama made me. It was made of aqua colored corduoroy. It had button eyes. It was more or less like a two ball snowman figure, but flatter than a snowman. I wish I could describe it better! LOL! I made Shelby one when she was little, I will have to go dig it out and take a picture of it.