Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pictures from our short-lived Spring

sun pictures8 sun pictures7 sun pictures3

Our weather took a drastic turn last Friday we had a warm and sunny weekend plus 2 days. After enjoying right around 70 * over the weekend, today it’s barely 49* with rain and even possible snow is promised for our Easter weekend. I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. I did the front yard Saturday afternoon, and the much larger back yard Sunday afternoon. I’ve got a couple hanging baskets planted with geranium starts & I’m keeping my fingers crossed ~ hoping the poor little things don’t freeze to death.

april 5 flowers & sun4 april 5 flowers & sun1

april 5 flowers & sun3

april 5 flowers & sun2


Gerry said...

Oh, I love those lovely yellow blossoms. I do hope that the sudden cold did not damage your spring too much. Gerry

nancy said...

Linda I agree with Gerry, hope those blossom tree won't break.. I love all your photos. Take care..Nancy

Monica said...

I sure hope the good weather we had returns again soon. It was short lived but so appreciated! I needed to get out and dry off a bit. The last photo is very cheerful and uplifting.


Marie said...

Beautiful pictures Linda! We have had a mix of both good and bad weather so far this spring. Yesterday was gorgeous, but now today the rain and cold has returned. Such is England!

ADB said...

I'm actually glad I'm not experiencing those crazy temperature swings you're having yonder side of the pond, Linda. Have a good Easter