Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Wednesday !

It seems like it's been raining for weeks but actually it's only been a couple days. Monday afternoon, I was able to get my front lawn mowed so it hasn't been raining forever. But along with the very heavy rain we've also had some winds at times gusting to 30-40 mph. So when it's raining cats & dogs and the wind is blowing, it seems so much worse.

Today was our monthly Reader's Group at the local Round Table Pizza. Our guest speaker was author Sheila Roberts. She is so delightful, very out going, funny ~ just a really great gal. We always look forward to Sheila's visits. She has a new book out, called 'Love in Bloom.' I will absolutely be buying this book in the next few days. It sounds like a fun read. I hope you'll look for it too, I know you'll enjoy this book from Sheila.

We are planning on leaving town again for about 4 weeks. Our estimated blast off date is Monday May 11th. We're thinking about taking a round about way to get to southern California. Perhaps going east for awhile and then heading south thru Salt Lake City and the west to Pasadena. Then come up I-5 on the way home. I have a dentist appointment June 10th and Bob has a grand daughter graduating from high school on June 11th so we'll be back just before that.

I've printed out lists of penny squisher machines in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. I'm prepared !

Last night I bought a new laptop. It's one of those little Acer Aspires in a deep red. I wanted the pink one but no one in the area had one. I'm excited and hopeful that I will be able to use it where ever WiFi is available. It was decided by my local PC repair shop that my old laptop just won't work wireless. It works great when hooked to a DSL cable but not's just too old. So once I get home, I may just put it on Craig's List for use as a secondary computer for a child or just to have a back up. I used it when my hard drive was in the shop and it was fine.

I'm hoping the weather clears before we leave because the grass in my back yard is really getting tall. My neighbor will water my plants (once the rain stops) and I know my son will come over in about 3 weeks and mow. That way it won't be over the house when I get home.

I want to thank Robin again for the lovely Mother's Day package I received today. Everything is lovely, well not the Chick-o-Sticks~they are yummy!

That's all for now, so until next time..........Linda


Traci said...

We have grass to our armpits right now! My neighbor was able to knock down the front yard for us yesterday! The back is attrocious! I don't think I spelled that right but you understand!
Your trip sounds relaxing. Do you read while he drives? I knit while my hubby drives.

Joyce said...

My yard has been mowed twice this year but right now it looks like a jungle. It's been raining for days with no end in sight. Daughter is home from the hosp. Thanks for the kind comments. I'm tired but relieved.
Hugs, Joyce

Beth said...

Congrats on the new 'puter! Wireless is the best--you'll love it!

Marie said...

WE've had some lovely weather this past week. I think our climate and Seattle's climate are very similar, as is the climate of Victoria, BC. Anyways, off on your travels again! I hope you have a wonderful time! I would LOOOOOVE a laptop!

Sugar said...

rainy here too, for what seems like forever, lol.
hope you have a fun & safe trip!
glad you got the laptop, bet it's nice. i'd love a laptop, but no way is that in the budget! :(
have a lovely mother's day, mine will be just another day.

nancy said...

Hi Linda, is it that time already? You have a great trip and enjoy your MOther's Day.. Let my know how you like your acer laptop. I want to buy one soon.. Hopefully soon.. Again, Happy Mother's Day to you. Nancy

Lisa said...

I hope you enjoy your new laptop and you will come to love wireless!! Enjoy your vacation Linda!