Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've Finally Posted An Entry Featuring our Recent Road Trip

I've been so bad about posting and getting around to reading Blogs. It seems that during the summer months there's just so much going on. Between working in the yard ~ which is becoming more of a chore each year. I've also resumed my work outs at Curves. So that takes some time out of my day. And I've also had several family & friends things....a graduation, graduation party, a 2nd birthday party, a Father's Day family get together, a potluck for the gals in my high school graduating class, my Tuesday movie dates with friends...the list goes on & on.

Anyway, I just finished an entry ~ the first couple days of our recent road trip, south to California and back. I hope if you have time, you'll stop by and visit. I'll be posting these entries in my travel Blog ~ 'Pack Your Bags, Let's Go.'

I'm trying to read three or four Blogs a day. Please forgive me if I don't make it to your Blog every day. I keep hoping for a rainy day where I can stay in the house and on the computer longer. But no such luck.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I'm behind as well,,,actually I'm always behind. I just do my best.

My neighbor has two flamingos apparently nesting in his front yard. They don't move much, though.


Lori J said...

Hi Linda,

Yes, it takes time to read even the selective ones you have picked..
My computer just came back from being fixed and it is running quicker but I still can not find things on it.

Great hearing your voice this am...sorry it was so early.



garnett109 said...

welcome home

Joann said...

When you WANT the rain, it won't come... LOL!!

a corgi said...

love the flamingos on your header, Linda; are they from the SD Zoo? I think you just go ahead and enjoy summer; journals will alway be here; enjoy getting out and doing some other things than just being stuck behind a computer screen :)

I'll pop over and take a look at your travel entry

great job for going back to Curves!!


Barbara said...

I have had that error message a few times myself. I am like you I haven't kept up on reading blogs either, or writing much for that matter. Good for you going back to curves.
I check out your travel journal soon.