Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Day Out With My Grand Daughter

From an early age, I started a tradition of taking both my grand kids out for the day, sometime around their birthday.  A day when I have a one on one time with just them. 

My grand daughter’s 17th birthday is Saturday so today we had our day out.  I picked her up and we went to lunch at Steamer’s Fish House which is located on the edge of Puget Sound.  It’s away from the busy waterfront restaurants so has a totally different  atmosphere.  From the parking lot you cross railroad tracks that head in and out of Tacoma.  So in a couple hours time you see Union Pacific & Burlington Northern-Santa Fe freight trains as well as Amtrak.   Across from Steamers there’s a nice paved area with benches & picnic tables in case you want to bring your own food, sit in the sun & enjoy the activity of the trains on one side and the many boats cruising by on the water side.  There’s also a great view of the two Tacoma Narrow’s Bridges off in the distance.july 2 200925The first train was a Union Pacific

july 2 200963 

Then along came the Burlington Northern.  There were also two Amtrak trains but they were too fast for us.

july 2 20097

The Narrows Bridge off in the distance

 july 2 200930

july 2 200923

After eating and some time on the beach we headed for Point Defiance Park.  My plan was to stop all thru the park so Meghanne could take as many pictures as she wanted. (She never leaves home without her camera)


Shortly after we entered the park we came to the Rose Garden.  She wanted to stop there, so I parked and we walked down the hill to the beautiful garden.

july 2 200947

july 2 20092

july 2 200937

july 2 200917

july 2 200935

july 2 200934

july 2 200931

july 2 200953  july 2 200965

The picture below is not of roses as you can see.  These flowers were just outside the fenced in rose garden.  The park district fenced the rose garden to keep the deer from eating the hundreds of beautiful roses.

july 2 200915

I loved the lines of this big old tree.

july 2 200913

After we were thru in the Rose Garden my intent was to drive thru the entire park.  But I made a turn and we headed down toward the Marina.  I parked very near the Vashon Island Ferry ticket booth and as Meghanne was taking pictures of the water & boats.  I said “we should have made plans to take a ride in the ferry.”  Several minutes later she said “will grandma, the ferry hasn’t left, maybe we have time to walk on.”  So I made sure the car was secure and we headed over to buy our tickets.  The trip between Point Defiance and Vashon Island is about 15 minutes, so for Meghanne & myself it was only $5.00 round-trip.   With the sun shining….it was a beautiful day to be out on the water.

july 2 200957

july 2 200956

july 2 200951 

 july 2 200943

There were several large container ships anchored out, waiting their turn in Tacoma’s port area.  Our Mt Rainier in the background.

 july 2 200916

 july 2 200941Arriving at Vashon Island, the foot traffic gets off first.  (Well, once they get it all fixed so one can walk off safely. )

 july 2 200928

Vehicles loading at Vashon for the trip to Tacoma.  Vashon is a long skinny island.  From the other end of the island you can take a ferry to Seattle.  But, you’d have to do that with your car because it’s absolutely not within walking distance.

july 2 200939

The shores of Vashon Island are lined with summer homes as well as permanent homes.  I believe there are approximately 10,000 people that live on the island.

july 2 200910

As we neared the Tacoma side, you could see a double line of cars, trucks and motorcycles waiting patiently for the ferry’s return.  They won’t all get aboard, especially during rush hour times.  But those island folks know how to use their time while waiting for their turn on the ferry.

july 2 200938

It was 4:30pm by the time we got back to the car and headed home.  I still needed to hit the grocery store for our 4th of July day down on the waterfront….so I took a happy, picture taking girl home. 


We had a wonderful day of making another birthday memory.


garnett109 said...

Sounded like a beautiful day

Jimmy's Journal said...

One on one time is good for both of you. The roses are beautiful.

I liked that tree as well.


Jeannette said...

What a beautiful day you and Meghanne had. The photos are beautiful. I'm glad you managed a trip on the ferry too. Jeannette xx

Trees said...

Linda thank you for sharing your day with your grand daughter. The whole day sounded wonderful. The photos were really great and brought back so many memories of my trip last year. Vaschon Island seems like a wonderful place to live. The roses are really beautiful. What a beautiful tradition you have with your grandchildren.

Amanda said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))Thank you for sharing your day and your Granddaughters Bday with us.WHat a beaatiful day you both had.

Just Bill said...

Linda, what a nice day you two must have had. Scenery and pictures were beautigul, Bill

a corgi said...

Happy (belated) birthday to your grand-daughter. looks like you guys had a beautiful day together,Linda! Great tradition you started!

that was interesting about the ferry; San Diego used to have one between Coronado Island and San Diego before they built the Coronado bridge and cars would board just like this one you guys were on. Now they still run the ferry, but smaller boats and more of a tourist attraction

enjoy the day and your Fourth!


a corgi said...

just to let you know, Linda; your entry did come through on my Dashboard, but I had left the first comment from your link in the email you sent; but it was there on Dashboard :)


Barbara said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and what a great idea to have a one on one day with each grandchild. Do you mind if I steal your Idea? Hope your 4th is a happy and safe one.

Joann said...

What a great tradition!! I'm going to do that when I have grandchildren!! Sounds like you two had a wonderful day!! We have Balboa Island over here, where the Ferry takes your car from Newport Beach across to Balboa Island... we love going there for a daytrip.

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures--the water looks so blue! Have a great weekend!

Marlene said...

What gorgeous roses. Looks like you had a fun day with your grand daughter. Life is good.

Jan said...

Hi Linda ,What a lovely way to spend this special day with Meghane ,and thankyou for taking me along with you ,''she never leaves home without her camera '' ? I wonder who she takes after ? hee hee , Jan xx

Rjet33 said...

So glad you had such a nice day with your granddaughter who is the same age as my daughter. Really enjoyed the photos. Great entry!


Lisa said...

This sounds like a terrific day, you are a fab grandmother! I would love to ride the ferry, I've never been on a ferry. Your pics are gorgeous and I just love the name "Point Defiance".

Linda :) said...

What a great bday day you had with your granddaughter and I love the Rose Garden... :)