Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Meghanne !

On a rainy 4th of July in sweet grand daughter was born. She was a little early, she had to stay in the hospital after my daughter was released. And over the years I've watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. She loves the Lord, is active at her church, she's a star in the kitchen with her cooking & baking, she's a crafter (she taught herself to knit from Goggle) she takes beautiful pictures and is a joy to know. It seems like only yesterday she was toddling around.....and now~all of a sudden she's 17 years old.
Happy Birthday dear Meghanne ! Your granny loves you (and your brother) so much!


garnett109 said...

Happy B-Day Meghanne

Beth said...

Aw, very sweet. Happy Birthday from Indiana, Meghanne!

a corgi said...

what a beautiful young woman you are Meghanne! Happy Birthday!!!


Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Meghanne!! What a lovely girl she looks, and so pretty too!

Barb said...

Hope your bright & beautiful granddaughter had a wonderful birthday. She is very lucky to have you for her grandmother.
Hope yours was a safe & dry 4th.
Hugs, Barb *queenb