Friday, August 7, 2009


I’ve been thinking a lot about people and their collections lately.  And wondering why do people collect things.  Well, my answer for that question is  that they come across something they really like & they start gathering those things and pretty soon they have a collection.

When my daughter was a pre-teen she collected everything ‘Unicorn.’  She even entered her Unicorn collection in the Hobby Hall at the Puyallup Fair one September.  And it was quite a hit.  She also had quite a collection of Breyer horses of all sizes.


When I was a kid I had a collection of the real toys that came in Cracker Jacks. The ones below aren’t mine but this is a good example of what you got in the late 1940’s & 1950’s.  Today they give you junk.

cracker jack toy cracker jack toy 2

Another one of my childhood collections was Story Book Dolls.  They came in little white boxes with colored polka dots on the box & lid.  I probably had 20 or so of them….but I have no clue what happened to them. They were dolls from different childhood rhymes ~such as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Little Miss Muffet.’   I found this picture of  ‘Little Miss Muffet’ on-line.  They were all so cute!

little miss muffet story book doll

As a teenager I had a collection of felt pennants.  They were readily available everywhere~at parks, zoos, you name it~they were there for the choosing.  We really only took one big trip when I was a teenager because we lived on a farm and it was just too hard to get away.  But family and friends would bring them back from trips and my whole bedroom wall was covered with them during my junior high and high school years.  They too have disappeared~the ones pictured below are from a picture I found on-line.

felt pennants

After high school I was working, married, starting a family and the collecting came to an end.  But after my children got older and left home….it started again.  The first thing was Teddy Bears.  I had the Teddy Bear’s that belonged to my dad, my daughter and my own…so it was a natural thing to start gathering cute Teddy Bears.  And of course the word got out and I started getting them as gifts.  I soon had over 100 bears from a little tiny one about  1 inch tall, to a huge white polar bear that took up one corner of my living room.  About 4 years ago, I actually gave someone $1 at my yard sale to let their grand daughter have it.  All the Teddy Bears are gone now with the exception of the original three (my dad’s, etc) and three bears that were special gifts.  There’s one my friend Judy gave me when I was in the hospital one time, one from my cousin Betty for a special occasion and the one below~my son brought this home from San Antonio after he completed his US Air Force Basic Training. 

teddy bear2

I have to confess that when I saw these little Franklin Pierce High School bears at a local store lately, it was hard to pass them up. But I did…….

fp bears

Does anyone remember the Cabbage Patch rage?  Well, that was the next thing I got caught up in….I had boys, girls, twins, Asians, Hispanics, blacks, whites, special theme CP’s…..I had them all.  But they too are all gone, sold on eBay, except for my three special ones(Jennifer, Josh & Percy).

jennifer josh & percy 

However on a recent trip to the Goodwill Outlet, I found another one….a sweet faced blond, stark naked but in like new condition.  Pay day I’ll get her an outfit and either keep her or save her to give away this Christmas.  I just knew I couldn’t leave her behind.  Look at that face!  I think her name is Sarah Elizabeth.

Cabbage Patch Doll1

In 1994 I went to work in a family practice medical clinic.  I worked with gals that were young enough to be my daughter’s.   But those stinkers exposed me to collecting something I never would have dreamed of.  I don’t know which came first~ the Barbie's or the Beanie Babies.  All I know is, I ended up with 150 Barbie’s and boxes of Beanies.  I didn’t buy all the Barbie’s, some came as gifts.  The Beanies ~guilty as charged. Mine are boxed so I’m using this picture from the Internet.

beanie babies 

In the late 1990’s I started selling off the Barbie’s and at this date I just have three left. Two were  special gifts and the I’ve attempted to sell the third one on eBay but so far no takers.  I’ll list her again in a month or so..….just prior to the holiday season.  She’s very pretty but she needs to go.

winter rhapsody barbie

The one practical thing I’ve been collecting for years is Pyrex bake ware and other types of bowls, condiment dishes and bake wear.  Most of this stuff I’ve bought at the Goodwill, thrift shops or yard sales.  I have a nice collection of Carnival glass that was left to me by my two grandmother’s and I love that stuff too but don’t use it very often.  I have one 2 quart bright red Pyrex casserole that I love to use for scalloped potatoes or even potato salad. Both look  nice in that red bowl.  Here’s a few pieces of my cookware collection.

pyrex, etc1   pyrex, etc4

And finally…..I can’t remember where I got these little guys and I haven’t ever used them for anything but I just remember they caught my eye and I couldn’t leave them behind.  Someday they will grace my table.

pyrex, etc5

I have come to the point where I can buy no more of these remarkable pieces….there’s just no more cupboard space.  But what I’ve been collecting the last year or so takes very little room….and each piece costs 51¢.  That’s right~it’s my squished pennies.

penny collection1

The pennies in the middle folder have been gifted to me or are ones that I traded for.  I also have a squished quarter that Betty in California sent me and a squished nickel that I received as a bonus for joining a Penny Collector Club.  The one below is from Tacoma’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

point def

The final collection I want to talk about is the best of all……and that’s friends ~ old ones, new ones and ones yet to come.  You can never have too many. And I’m thankful for each and everyone of mine.

Some people collect match book covers, stamps, war memorabilia, rare coins, Christmas ornaments,  antiques …….so what do you collect?  Or are you one of those people who doesn’t  collect anything?   Either way it’s ok… all depends on the person.   If you do collect something, please leave a comment or a link to your Blog and tell the rest of us about it.   Until next time ~ Linda


Sugar said...

oh my, yo & i were cut from the same cloth. lol
i recall the story book dolls, but didn't collect them.
when my dtr was little & cabbage patch came out, i tried sooo hard to get her one that first yr but sold out.
as an adult, i've collected lots of things: collectible barbies, snow globes, pigs, teddies, collectible dolls, angels, fairies, music boxes, cape de monte (misspelled), & more. just a couple wks ago, i decided to get rid of lots of it. packed up all but a couple of ea peice, my fav dolls, & sent the rest to charity. hope someone at a thrift store finds & give them a good home. just had way too much, none of my family cares for stuff like that, & it was too hard for me to clean in this small space. i had gotten rid of much when i moved up here, now the rest went. oh well, have my memories still.
have a great wkend.

Julie said...

I started out collecting teapots and had over 100 at one time. I also sold most of them and that started my on my online store. I collect pottery now, Roseville, McCoy, Weller but only certain pieces I am looking for. I also collect squished pennies but we don't see them much around here. Love your collections.

sober white women said...

I collect old Pyrex as well. Some people use to think I was crazy, because I stored all my left overs in them.... Now people are finding that plastics can leak toxic stuff. HMM once again I was green before it was cool! LOL I love the colors and how durable the stuff is. I even have a pyrex collectors book. I just love the stuff.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I, too, am somewhat of a packrat. I've collected stock car racing pictures and newspaper articles since the 1950's.

As a young man, I used to bring home quite a few strays as well, but my mom wouldn't let me keep them.


garnett109 said...

Linda , over the years I have been collecting Dust.
Actually shot glasses

Barbara said...

I love the bear your son gave you. My oldest gave me one just like it when he got out of air force boot camp in San Antonio. Right now it is stuck in Oregon in storage.
I collect Teddy bears still.
Over the years I have collected music boxes, post cards, book marks, magnets.
I still collect spoons and squished pennies. I started those when Gordon and I were on our honey moon. I often pick up coffee mugs and t shirts when we go somewhere special.
I also like to collect pictures of friends and some unique dishes.
I enjoyed reading about all your collections over the years.

Beth said...

Wow, you've gone through lots of collecting phases! My oldest sister collects unicorns; my middle sister collects angels; I collect penguins. Mostly figurines, but I have lots of stuffed ones, too. Why? They make me smile. Years ago, I was watching an animal show, and it was about penguins. They struck me as so cute and funny, and I decided that was going to be my collection. I eventually found out what remarkable creatures they are, and I'm happy that was what I decided on. They still fascinate me!

Hugs, Beth

Melanie said...

My coffee mugs....9 more and I will have all 50's quite the challenge if you don't Where you going?? Georgia...get me a mug would ya?


Anonymous said...

I collect bear right now. I have so many of them. I alos collect carousel horses. I had gottn rid of alot of my knick knacks when I moved. I had tons and tons. I have to stop being such a pack rat.

Jeannette said...

I've never been big on collecting stuff, I did collect shot glasses till Nina broke almost all of them in one fell swoop! I also collect fridge magnets as they take up no space except on the fridge door. I just don't have room to collect anything but your collections look so interesting, I'm going to have to come visit one day to see the pieces you've hung on to! Collecting friends is a great idea!! Jeannette xx

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

boy.. this was a wonderful reminder of the phases we all go through, you are right it can start with just one thing you like.. than next thing you know...

I to have had collections. My mother just gave my husband a box full of her matches from around the world.. funny you should mention match covers!

I did chickens, now gone, antique kitchen ware, gone, still have I had (still do!) lots of antique type a kid my glass horse collection, which I still have some of ..hmm may have to take a picture and do a post!

Joann said...

I've collected my share of 'stuff'... recently, my passion is Bohemia Crystal Salt & Pepper shakers with the original crystal lids. I only have 6 pair, but whenever I have some extra cash to blow, I get on e-bay and start shopping!! LOL!! Don't know what I'll EVER do with them all, but they're just so pretty.

I think I need your address again, please??

Joann said...

Forgot to say... One thing I will NEVER collect is dolls... I bought some for my mom when I toured Europe, but none for me... I have a phobia of dolls!! LOL!!

Traci said...

Great post! I used to collect teddy bears. Also these cool animal figurines and of course Breyer horses.

Amanda said...

((((((((((((((HUGSTYOU)))))))))))))I love to collect things,I collect Post cards,still collect them,my Sister ask me what I do with them,sometimes,I would send them to people,but,not often,most of the time,I keep them.I have Post cards from Ocean CIty Md,Fl,Disney World,London England,Hawii,I want more.LOL.I used to collect anything with cows,dont have many things left.I also used t collect beads,to make,jewrley and give them as gifts or wear them myself,but,I dont get into that anymre.I also have the very first cabbage patch,She is very special to me,because,my Aunt,before She died,She wanted me to have one.I named Her after my Aunt,Her first name,which Jerry and i added Jane Messersmith.Sounds,silly?But its very special.I think I stll have the outfit it came with.Its getting very old thoe,could use a clean up,but,I am afaird to clean,I dont want anything happend to it.If I ever have any kids,a daughter,it will go to Her.Hey,let me know if you ever want to get rid of anything,I might take you up on on them.Have a nice weekend.

Kathy said...

I try not to collect anything, but alas, it's flamingos ... lol ... and colored glass ... from the late 60's and 70's. It is so beautiful in the front window on a sunny day! Beach glass! Love it! And feathers ... from golf courses I visit. lol

nancy said...

Wow! Linda I think you went through a lot with collections and interesting ones too. I did started collecting unicorns in my teens and soon I got into my twenties that was it. A few here and there. I actually kept the ornament that Donna and her son gave me for Christmas. SO, one day my GF and I were looking at crystal glasses and soon we were walking around the store we both decided to do our collection in the early "90's. She started collecting Sheila's Victorian houses that were made of wood the one you put on shelf or chair rail. I started collecting Snowbabies. I haven't bought any for myself lately.I Mostly get as giftS at Christmas time. My SIL usually buys them for me. SO, I bought the Snowbabies book and its got a list at the end of the book that I write down every Snowbabies I own and put who gave my on it too.I think I got 50 at the most. Everybody thinks there is a hundred of them. I got a curio cabinet from my BIL sistes when their mother was selling the house. Good choice for me. So, I really don't bother buying them and I rather be surprise. Anyway theat is my story.I will post them some days. Have a good Sunday. Nancy

Lisa said...

You've collected quite alot of different things through the years. I collect Swarovski Crystal pieces, mostly animals. I also collect the Painted Ponies and I have the VIB Bears Collection. I enjoyed reading about your collections Linda.

Robin said...

Leave your pyrex to me in your will! LOL. I snatch up a pyrex piece here and there at GW cause it reminds me of my Mom when I use it.

We did Beanie Babies and we did them BIG TIME! At last count we had well over 200 of them. I think when we moved from CA I closed my eyes and told Michael to take them to GW. I've blocked it out...but I am pretty sure they are gone. We did keep some of the special bears.

I collect antiques. Copper kettles, antique irons, antique kitchen utensils...

I once collected Salt and Pepper shakers but have thinned that collection out as well. I think collecting something is fun! Nice entry, I loved it.

DB said...

I don't know what to tell you, Linda. I only collect books, but it isn't the books, it's what inside them that interests me. I probably have more books than I will ever read but at least that means I will never be without something to read. D

Maria from And my Iphone said...

Hi Linda! What a great entry. I have collections I forgot about. Books by certain authors, beanie babies, fantasy artist calendars, and on and on. However you have given me a great idea. Getting over my collections and giving them away or selling them. Now if I can just make that happen. :). Maria

12 weeks at a time said...

I never thought about it, but I've never really had a collection. I have no ides why, maybe it's part of my personality? I tend to get rid of things quickly and don't get too attached. Although, I really like anything coastal that reminds me of the beach, but I'm pretty picky about it and unless I have a place for it I won't buy it. Jill on the otherhand......:)