Monday, August 3, 2009

A Trip To Cabela’s

Just 19 miles south of here, you can walk into another world. That world is the world of Cabela’s the “World’s Foremost Outfitter” they carry, among other things; hunting, fishing and outdoor gear.

Cabela's visit1

This store opened in November 2007 and this is just the second time I’ve been there. The first time I didn’t have my camera~today I did. It is a spectacular place to visit even if you’re not into hunting, fishing & outdoor activities. The store in Lacey is one of the largest at 185,000 square feet. There’s a place to test your shooting skills and also to test your bow & arrow skills. They have a good selection of fishing boats and all the gear you need to catch the “BIG” one.

There’s a huge 2 story mountain covered with animals, in their natural settings. All of this is accented by a waterfall that tumbles down thru the setting.

Cabela's visit2

Cabela's visit3

Cabela's visit4

Cabela's visit5

Cabela's visit6

Cabela's visit7

Cabela's visit8

Cabela's visit9

Cabela's visit10

Cabela's visit11

Cabela's visit12

This polar bear and the Stellar seal below were both huge! There was no way to capture there immense size.Cabela's visit13

Cabela's visit14

Cabela's visit15

Cabela's visit16

Cabela's visit17

Cabela's visit18

Cabela's visit19 Cabela's visit20

Cabela's visit21Cabela's visit30

Underneath the mountain is a walk thru aquarium, featuring fish native to our area such as Coho Salmon and the biggest, ugliest cat fish I’ve ever seen.

Cabela's visit23

Cabela's visit24

Cabela's visit25

Looking down on the mountain of animals from the second floor.

Cabela's visit26

Cabela's visit27

Cabela's visit31

Cabela's visit43

On the second floor is a diorama featuring African animals. The lion and elephant are so life like~I watched to see if they were breathing.

Cabela's visit33

Cabela's visit34

Cabela's visit35

This scene of a leopard and a large baboon squaring off is really dramatic.

Cabela's visit36

Cabela's visit37

This next one really raises the hair on the back of your neck~you can almost hear the snarl of the lion…..

Cabela's visit38

Cabela's visit40Cabela's visit39

The cafe on the second floor features wild game burgers, steaks and of course regular burger, sandwiches, etc.

As you enter the store you can’t miss this full size yellow airplane hanging from the ceiling of the store.

Cabela's visit32

They also have a great line of women’s sport wear. Really nice blouses, tee’s and summer tank tops along with Capri's, shorts & long slacks. They also have outdoor type shoes and long johns & tops in their women’s department.

There’s a “General Store” where you can purchase jerky, trail mixes, fudge and other goodies.

The little guy below is my kind of bear….a bear foot stool. He’s cute but $149.00 is a little much for a foot stool in my book.

Cabela's visit44

All of the animals are of course full size and I’d say the taxidermists have done a wonderful job of making them look alive.

Oh……..did I mention they have a penny squishing machine?


DB said...

Fascinating place. We're all glad you didn't get lostin there.


garnett109 said...

Wow That place is huge!

Beth said...

We have a similar place in the Midwest called BassPro. Even if you don't buy anything, it's a fun place to visit!

Anonymous said...

Been to a few myself. It's like a museum and it's free. Michael can't driveby without stopping!

a corgi said...

it looks like an awesome place to shop and spend the afternoon! like a museum!


Marie said...

What a fascinating looking shop, and a penny squishing machine too! How more perfect could you get??

Monica said...

Sonny loves that place, it's his playground. :-) When I was in MD visiting my son (taking care of the grands) I found a place very much like Cabela's near his home that made our store in Olympia look small! I was glad I didn't have Sonny with me, I would've lost him for sure. :-) There is so much of interest, for people with all kinds of interests.

Trees said...

Wow all I can say is amazing which I had visited that when I was out there, what an adventure. Your pics are excellent, Linda.

Marlene said...

I visited a Cabellas in Pennsylvania. I felt bad that we didn't have the Grandkids with us.Didn't see a penny squishing machine that day.

Sugar said...

wow! love it! never seen anything like it, would love to go & spend the day.
don't know if there's anything like that in kc or not, as i never get to go anywhere, but it's wonderful... i hope all that can go, & have something like this near them, go.

Jimmy's Journal said...

That waterfall is spectacular. That's a large building and I'll be they've got a fortune tied up in inventory.

Looks like fun...


Lisa said...

They are really neat stores. I went to the one in PA and from your photos it's almost exactly the same. I normally don't like mounts but I have to say it was fascinating see all those animals displayed as they are.

I DID get fudge!!! I can't leave anywhere without fudge if they have it.

Julie said...

I went to a large one like that also, so interesting. Got my penny squished.

Amanda said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))Thats a pretty awsome place,we also have some what a plae like that,also called Baspro.I would love to have some fudge.LOL.Thanks for sharing your places with me.

Melanie said...

Now THAT'S a store!!!!


nancy said...

A zoo or a museum? Cool place. Something like Bass Shop Pro. Thanks for sharing beautiful animals pics. Nancy

Barb said...

wow what a place! AND it's inside. Where it's COOL. I would love to visit one. We're just back from a week of vacation. We went to AZ so Tom could see his daughter that lives w/his ex and so she could see their daughters that live w/Tom. And his 2 daughters could meet their half sister. Oh what a tangled web. LOL In the Phoenix area it got up 116. TOO freaking hot. We ended up to just going to Vegas. I got some kind of bug and was sick most of the time. Wasn't much fun. I was worried about my little Jakie. It hasn't been 2 wks since his surgery, but my daughter took very good care of him & his doing SO much better.
I have a lot of catching up to do.
Hugs Barb *queenb

Linda :) said...

Amazing! yes, hubby is quite jealous but he is content with his catalogs, lol...
someday he will get to use more vacation then just an hour or two here or there....

Monae said...

Hey Linda,

They have a place similar to that one here in Atlanta,Georgia called the "Bass Pro Shop" which looks identical to the one you visited. My dad loves the place and he is a fan of bass boats, fishing and all that other stuff. My mom and I just like to look around with my niece's while we are there. We go there from time to time. I hope that you didn't spend all of your money in one place. Its great to go shopping there but my dad is the huge huge huge fan of the place. Thanks for sharing this with us. Do take care.

Jeannette said...

It looks like a fun place to spend a day Linda! I bet there's always a crowd in there just to look at their exhibits! Jeannette xx

Jeannette said...

It looks like a fun place to spend a day Linda! I bet there's always a crowd in there just to look at their exhibits! Jeannette xx