Friday, September 4, 2009

September Moon

If you have a clear sky, you're seeing a full moon. September's full moon is called a Full Corn Moon. This full moon's name is attributed to Native Americans because it marked when corn was supposed to be harvested. It also is referred to as the Harvest Moon.


Julie said...

It was a full moon up at the cabin, very pretty.

Lisa said...

The moon was full and so bright last night I could see the buffalo in their field. My grandma used to sing this song. My speakers are disconnected so I can't hear this :(

garnett109 said...

full and bright here in pa

Jimmy's Journal said...

I love full moons. Of course, one of my favorites is "Moon Over Miami."

Then again, an occasional moon from a passing car always evokes a chuckle.


Barb said...

I love the song. I love full moons. I was outside at 3am with the dogs this morning and was surprised how high in the sky the full moon was. We stayed out a little while enjoying the changing weather from hot sticky nights to cooler pre-autumnal nights. I'm ready for Fall. Have a good weekend.
Hugs, Barb *queenb

Lori J said...

Good Morning Linda,
Oh how I loved Nat's singing...

Still have not got the trailer fixed from the hail storm..

Plans to possibly head down to USA after we go to big "Show and Shine" in Radium BC the 18/19 of the month may come through.

Still hoping to connect with you.



Anastasia said...

While sitting at my veranda sipping some wine and chatting away the hours with hubby, I couldn't help contemplating the full moon against a clear black sky. So bright and so beautiful. Great song by the way! Filakia xxxx Anastasia