Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day in every free country, it's a day to remember those who served and those who gave the supreme sacrifice for our many freedoms.

Military service goes back a way’s in my paternal grand father served in WWI, my dad in WWII and my son was in the Air Force during Desert Storm. Thankfully my son served stateside except for a short time he was sent to England. My dad served in a railroad battalion in Italy, Sicily, France and North Africa. He continued in his civilian job in the U.S. Army as a train dispatcher in those locations. I have no details about my grandfather's military service, just pictures of him in his uniform and the Bible that was given to him when he went off to serve.

All of my family members came home, safe. Today we remember all veterans, those past and present. We thank the ones who are with us still and we honor those who didn't come home. Hundreds of thousands from all peace loving countries.

I've had the privilege of working with nurses who were in the military and served in Viet Nam. Their life over there was no picnic. In the United States women have been serving in the military since the American Revolution. I read in one report that there are almost 2 million women veterans in our country.

I know here in my area, I live so close to an Air Force base and there are many women pilots flying those big cargo planes over my house.

We must also remember the 4 legged veterans. The United States started training dogs for the war effort in 1942. They were used extensively in WWII, the Korean conflict, Viet Nam, Desert Storm and even today, they presence is seen in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

May we all pause for a moment in the next couple days and remember what these brave men and women have done for us.............Linda


Sugar said...

nice tribute to all the vets. important they get a nod of ty 2day.
& a sppecial little pat 4 animals that show respect for their fellow species that were/are veterans. :)

That corgi :) said...

I remember you saying before, Linda, how long your dad was gone when he served! that was a long time!!! (over 3 years, right?)

surely a special day to remember all who served :)


nancy said...

Lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing a wonderful story. Hava a good week. Nancy

Barb said...

A lovely tribute at a very sad time again in our country when some unhinged gunman slaughters innocents. Those poor families had to dread leaving their families to go to Iraq for weeks then didn't even get to say their goodbyes. It's not right. It's not fair. This country needs our prayers more than ever. Every day. We may have to close our doors to those who honestly want to come here to advance the quality of their lives until we weed out the malcontents. The rebels. The radicals. Yes, we all have speak freely, to worship as we please, to bear arms, etc. We do not have the right, no matter who we are, what we believe or where we worship to slaughter innocents. There was no reason for the events to have occured at Fort Hood. This man had psychological problems that the military knew about. He was trying to get out of the Military. He said he was harrassed about being Muslim, but he flaunted it by wearing traditional Muslim garb all over a Military post. I know he was born in this country, but his ideals had obviously changed. He'd been under the FBI's eye for 6months. He slipped right through the crack. And THE DC SNIPER was executed and pronounced dead at 9:11pm Tuesday night. 8 yrs after he shot up Washington DC, 1 yr to the day after the tragedy of 9/11. I have mixed feelings about the death penalty. Well, if we're going to have one--use it. If you are absolutely certain a man is guilty (say there were witnesses, DNA, confessions-irefuteable evidence)NO APPEALS. You get executed in 90 days. Why should a man sit on death row for 20 yrs with a color tv, library books, some even have internet access, a warm bed, 3 meals a day. I know people personally who don't live that well. There are so many things in this country that needs to be fixed. Our Military need raises. We are spending FAR more on keeping these criminals alive than the average young soldiers are paid per year!
I apologize Linda, for the rant. I meant just to compliment you on your entry and to thank your son & your family members for serving our country. If I offended you or any of your readers, I certainly apologize...Feel free to delete this "comment" turned into an entry. LOL
As I said your tribute was brilliantly written as ALL your entries are.
Hugs, Barb

Linda said...

Amen! Thank you for sharing your story and that of your family.

garnett109 said...

My hats off to your familys service to this great country