Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring~It's Here, Can Summer Be Far Behind?

For some of us it's here...but for others it's not.  Of course the weather in the Pacific Northwest is always so unpredictable that we could still have a blizzard at any given moment.   Today however, the sun is shining brightly and they say it's going to reach the middle 60's. 

I mowed the front yard yesterday afternoon and will probably mow the back yard later today.  I just went out there to check and it's still pretty damp from last night's dew.

I love the flowers in the Spring.  My daffodils are blooming and the tulips are almst ready to open up.   The huge Japanese Quince against the back fence is covered in red flowers and the Wysteria looks lovely with it's delicate yellow flowers.  All of the Japanese Cherry trees are covered in pink blossoms and all the folks with hay fever are sneezing.  My heart goes out to them and I'm thankful I don't have allergies.

Bob just got a couple more days of skiing in but he thinks that's the last of it until next winter. He said the snow was not that great.

I've planted some sweet peas and am really anxious for it to warm up so I can get my bedding plants for my hanging baskets, etc.  However, we're talking about heading down to southern California the first part of April, so that will have to wait until I get back.

The bride and groom left from Seattle-Tacoma Int'l airport last night for their honeymoon destination~the Dominican Republic.  They flew straight to JFK in New York and from there straight to the D.R.   It was fun to watch their progress on the Delta Airlines web site.  They return April 2nd and we'll be picking them up at Sea-Tac a little after midnight.   I see that it's raining there right now but in the high 80's so I guess they can still enjoy the pools, snorkling, etc. 

Well, I need to run to the Post Office before they close so I guess I'll get out of here and get going.  Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine if it's shining on you today and for those of you in the snow~stay warm & drink cocoa!   Until next time..........Linda


Jan said...

Our spring is late coming this year ,daffodils not really out yet ,but oh the joy to come ,What a lovely Honeymoon destination ,they wont notice the rain Jan xx


According to the calender... It's official... spring has arrived. But I don't think Mother Nature is quite ready, yet where I am. My daughter is out in Tacoma, waiting for the mountain passes to be clear enough to drive home.ENJOY your flowers and warm temps.

That corgi :) said...

sounds like a wonderful honeymoon for your son and DIL, Linda

its nice to have some good spring weather too (especially on the first day of spring) to remind you that indeed spring is here and summer (hot weather and all) is shortly behind it

maybe this time when you are in So Cal we can get together :)


Ally Lifewithally said...

Linda we have had a lovely Springlike day here with the Sun shining all day ~ but our daffs and other Spring flowers are not ready to open yet ~ although the Snowdrops are out in profusion ~ Honeymoon destination sounds wonderful ~ Ally x

Joann said...

Oh good, I can finally give you your package in PERSON!! LOL!!!

LOVE the daffodils!!

DB said...

Even as unpredictable as you say it is, it sounds like you've got a good Spring going on there.


Lori J said...

Hi Linda,
Somehow the fact is was the first day of Spring escaped me..UNLIKE at home. I love the pictures of the daffodils.
I remember when we moved to Delta, BC and were astounded that they grew wild in the ditches..

Thinking of you and sure hope to meet one day..Planning a get-together with Betty...

Blessings and hugs

ALBERTA Lori coming to you from Arizona

Linda said...

Beautiful Daffodil's! They have been my favorite spring flower since I saw Dr. Zivago the first time!

Lisa said...

Oh gosh, you are mowing already!!! Say it ain't so...I want spring & summer but not quite ready to get the mowing started (it's a full time job!). Thank goodness winter is saying goodbye though. Love your daffy's!

Jimmy's Journal said...

We're seeing signs of springs as well. In Miami, there's not dratic changes from winter to spring but most of the people born here can usually tell by the attitude of the sun and the smell in the air. The signs are subtle, but they're there.


Maria said...

Hi, Linda! Happy Easter Week! I love looking at your blog. So bright and cheerful. It motivated me to update one of mine...the photoglogatory 'Little Things' Hope you have a great week! Maria

Trees said...

Spring has sprung here too but it is still very early, we have had very warm weather then it falls back into very cold weather, very unpredictable. Due to the warm weather, I have been able to do yard clean up much earlier. It has been raining the past few days, but the shrubs are starting to bloom and perennials are peeking through the ground. I love the daffodils really makes you feel that spring is here and God's beautiful plants and trees are alive from their winter hibernation, a most beautiful time of the year.