Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner

Wednesday night was the rehearsal and dinner prepared by me…the mother of the groom.  I was so grateful for the help I received from Bob, my brother & sister in law and my two gal friends, Susan & Barbara.   I did as much of the prep work as I could at home.  Had all 60 of the spuds wrapped in foil, made the sauce for the meatballs, etc.  I couldn’t use the churches plates, silverware or cups because they were set aside for the wedding reception. So we really had the car loaded with the food and all the stuff needed to put this dinner on.  I also received a delivery of 125 roses earlier in the day and those we delivered to the lady that’s doing the flowers.  All of this was done in Olympia, WA so we had about a 35 mile drive in order to  deliver the roses and get to the church by 5pm.   We did get a slightly late start because the water was shut off in the park (without notice) at  about 2:30pm for about an hour.  Of course I hadn’t showered when this happened so I was in a tizzy for awhile.

rehersal dinner9

I thought we were going to have round tables so I had purchased round table clothes.  Low and behold we had small square tables but it worked out ok. 

rehersal dinner14

We used the area where this church has their Latte bar.  There was a nice long counter to set out our buffet dinner.  Wish I could have had an Italian Soda, but I don’t know how to make one and furthermore I didn’t have time for such things.

rehersal dinner1

This is my sister-in law, my middle niece and my little brother.

rehersal dinner3

Susan, Bob and Barbara finally getting some dinner too.

rehersal dinner4

The bride and groom trying to eat but still having to go over the wedding details.

I wanted to get pictures of the sanctuary, it is so beautiful ~ but the lights were very low in there and really…..I didn’t have time to get in there to take pictures.  They have removed all the congregation chairs and set it up with the big round tables. Eight people to a table…all decorated beautifully.  I’m hoping when we arrive there at 4pm on Friday, there’s enough light in there so I can take a picture of at least one table.  I had to do one “walk thru” at the rehearsal…my son is going to walk me down the isle and seat me.  Ahhhhh !  And I know I’m probably going to cry, so will be stuffing my purse with Kleenex.  The wedding starts at 6:30pm Pacific Standard Time, Friday so think of us….send all your good thoughts to Capital Christian Center in Olympia, Washington. 

I’ll get as many pictures as I can….and will post them later.  Until then…….Linda, mother of the groom

jim and jearalyn


DB said...

OK. You got this far with your sixty potatoes and your table cloths and everything. When do you get a break? Don't fall asleep with exhaustian during the ceremony. See it through.

I did my sun dance and brought down the rain over here. So I hope it's a nice day out there.


Marie said...

Oh Linda, I just know everything will go beautifully and you will cry loads, but that is a mother's job!! Wishing your son and his new bride all the best and much happiness!!! Sounds like you did wonderfully with the rehearsal dinner. I am praying and hoping the sun shines!! xxoo

Linda said...

Enjoy your day! You are blessed with special friends and family to work with you. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have really made this a special day for them with all you've done. It sounds like it will be wonderful. Weddings are really something to celebrate. I'll be thinking of you this evening and praying all goes well. Take good care and don't worry, all will be just fine!

That corgi :) said...

today is the day!! I knew it was either today or tomorrow, but couldn't remember for sure

all the planning, all the work and today is the day!

sounds like the rehearsal dinner went really well; that food, I'm sure, was scrumptiously delicious!!

enjoy the wedding, tears and all :)

congrats to your son and (soon to be) daughter-in-law!


Linda :) said...

Wow you are a great mother of the groom! All the work you did... simply marvelous!

Sandra said...

How lovely that your son is getting married Linda, you must be so proud.They look a really happy couple. I`m glad the dinner went well. :o)

Sandra xx

Lori said...

Sorry I'm just now getting by to read about the wedding and rehearsal and take a look at the pictures. I know you're glad it's all behind you, but it sounds like you had a wonderful time and did a great job!