Friday, August 13, 2010

The Retired Pirate

Once there was a retired pirate so he decides to live with his brother. The pirate walks up to his brother's house and knocks on the door and his brother answers the door and says, "Oh my gosh , what happened to your hand!?! " The pirate said, "I lost it in a sword fight , but now I have a hook." Then the brother said, "What about your leg?" The pirate said, "A cannonball hit it , but now I have a peg leg ." Then the brother said, "Well , what about your eye?" The pirate said, "I got some dust in it ." The brother said, "How could you lose your eye by just getting some dust in it?" Then the pirate said, "It was my first day with my hook!


Marie said...

haha, that's a good one LInda! I will have to tell Todd. He'll love it! xxoo

Ally Lifewithally said...

I really felt sorry for the Pirate ~ :O) Ally x

Jimmy's Journal said...

Good joke and great picture of the country store! Thanks for the postcard.


Barb said...

OUCH! LOL! That was a cute joke. Don't think I had heard it before. Thanks for the giggle.
Hugs, Barb