Saturday, July 9, 2011

July has finally brought summer to the Pacific Northwest

While away from home this last March 27th thru May 16th….I fell in love with palm trees and blooming cactus.

spring vacation 2011183
spring vacation 2011403
spring vacation 2011407

But the weather that produces palm trees and cactus is not my favorite.  I don’t do hot & dry very well.  One day in Sun City West, Arizona  it was 106* with 5% humidity.  It literally takes your breath away not to mention drying out your skin and hair.

Even as we were traveling northwest I was anxious to get home and get to the garden store so I could plant my hanging baskets and various planters around the yard. 

I completely missed April’s tulips and I didn’t want to miss the Spring planting season here in the Pacific Northwest.   Now that July is here, everything is growing well (as long as I remember to water them) and I love looking out and seeing the beauty of flowers all around the yard. 

 So here are some of what I have growing at my house this beautiful July day. The first picture shows some strawberries. Last fall I obtained an old water-bed frame and I turned it into a raised garden. I have strawberries, rhubarb and green bush beans growing in the water-bed garden. I’ve already harvested enough strawberries and rhubarb to make a couple pies. I’m looking forward to green beans in a month or so.  Also in large pots I have carrots, swiss chard and tomatoes growing.

 july flowers 20112july flowers 201114
 july flowers 20114 july flowers 20115  july flowers 20117 july flowers 20118 july flowers 20119 july flowers 201110 july flowers 201111 july flowers 201112 july flowers 201113

Don’t you just love summer… long as it doesn’t get too hot anyway.  We are blessed here in the Pacific Northwest to have many summer days in the mid to high 70’s.  And only a few days where it’s up in the 80’s and 90’s and totally unbearable.

And finally...the latest touch to a flower bed away from the street, on the side of my house. Pinkie the flamingo that was rescued from the Goodwill Outlet.  She had no legs so I drilled a hole in her tummy and whittled a garden stake to fit the hole, painted it pink so it looks
like she has a 'leg to stand on.'


DB said...

So glad to read you're back where you belong. If you make another sounthern trip, try it in February.

The garden pieces look great.


That corgi :) said...

like what you did with the flamingo! your weather sounds great for summer!! actually we are closer to the beach this year so it is more temperate and not those high 100s "I can't breathe" type of heat for which I am grateful!

love your flowers!