Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day in the Pacific Northwest

The weather people warned us...they said Wednesday would be the worst day.  We've had snow here since last Saturday afternoon...but today was the worst.  As I write this (Wednesday 4:20pm) it's still only 33 degrees, the wind is blowing and there's a mixture of freezing rain and snow coming down. None of the accumulation has melted didn't get warm enough.  I've been out side to get wood for the wood stove and I treked out to the mailbox this afternoon but other than that....I've been housebound pretty much for the last couple days.  Hope you enjoy the pictures I was able to take today.

The bird bath is closed
Looking out the front window down the street.
My waterbed garden full of snow.
The Douglas Fir tree limbs heavy with wet snow. I can normally walk under the lower branches of this tree.
My 'stand-by' washing machine and Pink(ie) and Floyd aren't used to the snow.


Jimmy's Journal said...

Wow! Bet you haven't seen that much snow in a while. Sure looks gloomy. Send me a picture when the sun comes out.


Kathi McClenney said...

Beautiful pictures! thanks so much for sharing...stay warm :)

salemslot9 said...

Pink Floyd = yes!