Saturday, October 27, 2012


I grew up in the days before Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs and Apple Jacks.

During my growing up days MUSH was the staple for breakfast almost 365 days of the year.

If it wasn't Quaker Oatmeal, it was Cream of Wheat, Ralston Purina, Wheatena or Malt~O~Meal.

My mom would make a big pot of MUSH every morning, especially during the winter months.  Since we had Daisy, we had our own cream to put on the MUSH and she would put out either granulated sugar, brown sugar, molasses or honey to also put on the MUSH.

I checked with my brother (he's 8½ years younger than me) and he remembers a lot of MUSH also. But while we were discussing this subject we each remembered  an occasional bowl of Cheerios, Rice Krispies or Wheaties....but only during the summer months.  

Also on the weekends mom would make pancakes, french toast and eggs, bacon and toast.  But for the most part it was MUSH almost every morning.

The funny thing is, I can't remember if I did the same thing to my kids and quite frankly...I'm afraid to ask them. 

I do know that as an adult I do not eat MUSH.  I put Quaker oatmeal in cookies and in my meatloaf.....but I don't eat it for breakfast!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We had mush too, but most of the time it was Creme of Wheat. I remember how good a bowl of hot cereal was on a cold morning. Here at my house I often fix oatmeal in the winter time.

Jeanie said...

As a Scot we always had porridge oats for breakfast with milk and a pinch of salt, but never any sugar.
My4 only complaint about that was if I was running late for school it lay heavily in my tumy and gave me a stitch in my side if I tried to hurry. Now in later years I read that it is brilliant for reducing cholesterol in ones blood. Food was good and natural for you in those days. Jeanie xx

ADB said...

In addition to Jeanie's comment, porridge is an almost compulsory addition to Scottish breakfasts. However, I don't eat it very often, and if I do, it IS with sugar. Having it every day is a sure-fire way of putting you off it for life.

salemslot9 said...

Cream of Wheat is so good to eat
And we have it everyday.
You sing a song and it makes you strong
And it makes you shout "Hooray"
It's good for growing babies
and grownups too, to eat.
For all the family's breakfast
You can't beat Cream Of Wheat.

my Mom would
sing this sometimes
for a laugh

michele said...

We used to have porridge once in a while. DH remembers his dad once cooked porridge for him, it was green! lol! My FIL doesn't cook much!
Hope you are well hugs Mrs T xx

Barb said...

We had it a lot. I didn't like the way it was cooked when I was little but like it today.

Linda :) said...

Bill still eats 'mush'... lol... I didn't like eating oatmeal as a kid but as an adult it's good... :)