Friday, May 6, 2005

My first attempt...

This will be my first entry.  I have been inspired by my daughter and grandgirl.  They both have great journals but then they are home all day to create & write.  I am still working full time and in fact have to be to work in 12 short hours from now. So will make this short & sweet.  One thing I'm looking forward to this summer is my 45th class reunion.  I've only missed one reunion and that was the year I felt I was too "chunky" to go.  The next day, I was so sad that I missed the event.  I made a vow I'd never miss another one. This year...I'm still "chunky" and I have been on the treadmill but I'll go no matter what.  Until next time..


csandhollow said...

Welcome to J-Land. You have to go to the reunion! After all if you don't they will talk about you like nobodys business!

shelt28 said...

Welcome to Journal Land.