Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Today is a day off from work so I'm home working around the yard, etc.  I have a birdhouse hanging in the big cedar tree in my front yard and the parents are very busy today feeding the babies.  I couldn't get very close to them without alarming the mom & dad so I'm not sure you can get a clear picture.  But dad is on the little ledge on the front of the birdhouse delivering lunch to the hungary babies inside.   I realized this morning that I had not feed my roses yet the season.  And the poor little things are blooming like crazy even though I've been neglectful.( I probably should go to the "naughty corner" for this. ) Well, anyway I'm happy to say they've been feed, trimmed and sprayed with a fungicide.  I also gave all my hanging baskets and potted flowers a big drink of Miracle Gro and I spread weed & feed on the lawn.  WOW, that makes me tired just recalling all that I've done today. Summer cat is happy to have me home because I have all the doors open, so he's going from one screen door to the other breathing in the fresh air.  It's a lovely day here today, the sun that was promised several days ago is shining and there's a slight breeze with tempature at  about 73*....  PERFECT !!!  I wish it could be like this everyday.    The Air Force is flying again today...when I was out in the yard, I looked up and one pilot (the one drinking a Dr Pepper) waved at me.   Those planes are really big when they are just a few hundred feet above your head.  They are so close I can read the numbers on them.  And that's no joke !   I have a skylight in the main hall of my mobile....the other night when they were flying over, I looked up once & could see the lights of the plane as it passed over the sky light.  That's a spooky feeling.  Well, with the yard work caught up I think the rest of my day will be spent either goofing off or perhaps I'll start getting ready for the big annual carport sale here in  my little community.  It's scheduled for July 22nd & 23rd and I need to start going thru closets, etc. looking for items to put out for sale.  I always plan to get a good head start and not be up all night the night before getting stuff together.    Anyway, until later....Linda

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labdancer51 said...

What a lovely birdhouse Linda, you are so lucky to have occupants too.  We have a new birdbox but no inhabitants this year. I just hope the word gets around to all the birds that it is there waiting for them!  We have sales like that here, we call them carboot sales.  I should have one really to get rid of a lot of stuff and earn a bit of cash!  Have a lovely weekend..:-)

Sandra xxxx