Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wednesday Evening Confession

Well, I must confess I didn't start going thru stuff for the big carport sale.  Instead I decided to do a little "retail therapy."  It really couldn't be helped....I had to go to the bank and deposit the Avon checks and then I thought I'd go to the local library.  They have a section of books for sale and I like to look thru those from time to time.  I got three new books at a cost of $1.20.  Very reasonable !!  When I pulled out of the library I was just a few blocks from the mall, so decided to go to my favorite store...Gottschalks and see what was available.  That was my downfall.  Although, I must say I just used a couple of gift cards that had burning a hole in my wallet. They had some good deals.  So now the day is over and tomorrow it's back to work. Until next time...Linda

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labdancer51 said...

I just love to browse around for book bargains.  I`m glad you got some good ones.  There`s nothing like retail therapy to set you up for the day!  ;-)

Sandra xxxx